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  • joolsburger

    I have a hankering for an old 2 litre volvo 850 worth about a grand to serve as my biking / workhorse type car.

    Can people tell me why I shouldn't do this??


    good motor, love the look, depending on the model can be quick, but the main downside is: they are thirsty beasts.

    850s aren't old. My 740 is, though 😉

    Tough, reliable (started first time yesterday after five weeks static), fast enough to make motorways tolerable, fits eight bikes without racks/roof bar (or four people and all their stuff), expensive enough to fill that I only drive when I really need to, loud stereo, heated seats – what's not to like?


    I had a 2.5L 850 a few years ago and it was great bike car. Big, comfy and very reliable.


    I had a V50 T5 until fairly recently and I had hoped that the older ones would be pretty good. Right I'm on the hunt.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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