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  • paulevans

    It is very clear from some of the great photos that get posted this forum that there more than a few very talented photographers in our midst. But do any of you still use film opr have you all gone the way of digital?

    I’ve been a very amature photographer since being a member of the school photographic club back in the early/mid ’80’s. Obviously at that time is was all film and getting heady on chemicals in a dark room.

    Well, i got quite into the processing side of things and ended up with quite a highly spec’d darkroom that has sat redundant for quite a few years now, and having inherited my fathers Nikon D300s i honestly don’t think i will ever have use for the darkroom again. Does anyone know of anywhere that i could advertise the equipment, any specialist forums etc that may be interested?. I genuinely don’t know whether to hold on to it all, perhaps out of apathy, or let it go to someone who will hopefully get to enjoy it.

    Any thoughts?

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Out of interest, What enlarger do you have?


    I ended up giving most of my darkroom kit away, Line & Jones 5×4 Enlarger, Jobo CPE unit, tray heaters, paterson tanks, Nikkor enlarger lenses, etc.

    It seemed to go for peanuts online

    The only thing I kept was my Beard 12x16inch enlarger easel, mainly because of the time effort I spent keeping it clean, now its gathering dust in my shed!


    desirable stuff (RH,Nova,Lietz,Beard)goes for reasonable prices on fleabay

    after that it’s more about where you are as the bigger stuff will be collect only.

    I have a darkroom as I like the idea of doing something away from a computer


    Pick n Mix

    From memory, the list of kit is as follows:

    LPL C7700 enlarger with both 50mm and 70mm Hoya lenses
    Jobo B Timer, enlarger timer
    Patterson Orbital processor with motor
    Junghans wall mounted timer – a classic piece of darkroom equipment
    Omega colour analyser
    Ilford EM10 Exposure meter
    Durst Comask easel
    Various other bits and pieces for developing negatives

    All in really good nick.


    Photographers who shoot in B&W often use film…digital is quite a bit off in the quality stakes when it comes to that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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