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  • old mtb'er getting back into it
  • Edric 64

    26 ,old ?????????????

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    26 old !!! I didn’t start riding till I was 44 .

    P7’s are good. My mate had huge problems with a couple of early Blue Pigs but they might be ok now. How about an On One Inbred? If you go to the On One site you’ll get some decent forks within budget as well.

    If you’re in Lancashire it’d be worth a trip to Merlin. Check out Bike Scene online as well because they usually have some great deals on frames.


    Yep. Me too. 43 when I started. My advice is get out there while you’re young. Better skill development now will reduce injuries later. It was hard learning I’m my 40’s as you don’t bounce or heal as we’ll or quickly respectively. On the subject of the bike. Get what you like the look of with the best speck you can afford.

    Forgot to mention frame size. 17 or 18 inch in old money, medium in new will probably be best but you should sit on a few bikes to check if you can.


    Hi, i used to do alot of mtb’ing when i was 13/14 and lived in gloustershire and did abit of everything- jumping, downhill and so on.

    Im now 26, live in lancashire near the lakes. i did buy a cheap kona shred single speed for cycling to work but want something abit more suitable all round like work, trail riding in the lakes maybe, etc. Im 5ft 8/9″ so what size frame would be ideal?

    I can currently been looking at a orange p7 which i really like but have read stuff about blue pig.
    I am after a frame so i can build it up to suit my budget which would be about £150 max, then about the same for forks then likes of lx/xt shifters, mech, deore brakes.


    I have found a 2010 p7 in 19″ im thinking of getting. i know most people have there seat really high but i liked to have it at a more normal height so i think id be fine with that size frame, a extra inch as to whats recommended for my height?

    I did see a old cannondale jekyll but think a hardtails alot easier to maintain.

    Premier Icon jasonm945

    Unless you are super long in the torso I would suggest the 17″ P7 or the 16″ inbred, as most mtb’s are now more about top tube length than seat tube length.
    Of course you could always hve a real racer stretch or use a really short stem!


    Premier Icon JoeG

    Get a fatbike!


    Get a unicycle..
    Old.. 🙄

    plus one

    Yes 17″ would be closer to the size you need .

    Doesn’t matter how good/cheap a frame is if it’s too big !!

    Welcome to the home of empty pockets but shit loads of fun 😉


    Well ive got a expensive car habbit also so the bike must be on a budget lol.

    Seen good things about the blue pig, on one 456.

    There is a blue pig and blue pig x very local to me in a more suitable size, Can suit some long travel forks on them also.

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