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  • Paul S

    This is an old Hope Splined Hub Tool, does anyone have one that they can sell or loan to me?

    I managed to get the front hub off using this technique but attempting the same on the rear hub broke my circlip pliers 🙁

    and a peg spanner didn’t fit very well ( I think it would work but this hasn’t moved in over 10 years ). I tried hope but the tool was discontinued a while ago, and a search of the web doesn’t pull back anything.

    Another possibility, does anyone know a bike shop with this tool?

    A final option is to get a tool made, but I’ve no idea how much it would cost.

    Thanks Paul.



    Have you got any pin punches ?


    That’s what I used to get mine off and a good sturdy (preferably – dead blow) mallet. It does burr the locking ring slightly (depending how tight it is), I then just dressed it up with a smooth file.

    Worth a go !!! Worked for me.



    Paul S

    Fixed. I bit the bullet and bought a Park Tools green pin spanner ( expecting it to break ) but it worked a treat, I needed a rubber mallet to move it though, and a 30mm socket to hold everything in place, which just fitted in the skewer by removing the small part the lever moves against when it closes.

    I’ll try and upload a picture

    Paul S

    Didn’t work 🙁 I’ll try again later

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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