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  • Old Hecklers – any good?
  • erny

    50mm stroke gives you 130mm and 57mm gives 143mm i think


    Which Year is it Snotrag?

    Still got the old 6 bet you never thought you’d see a fellow 6 owner on here 😆

    Premier Icon snotrag

    2006 vintage I think, Trans Red, DHX coil. Not even picked it up yet! The GTi-6 went at Christmas for something far noisier and tail happy. I miss it, but my new ones a million times more fun.


    someone on here bought it off me 98/99 vintage i was told when i bought it ….

    did me well , when i built it full XTR etc it was 26lbs

    when i raced it at mayhem it was 32 lbs + all the mud

    Bit flexy but no where near as much as the superlight i tried before i bought the heckler.

    Loved it but it was getting long in the tooth and i needed a lighter bike ….looking at sub 23lb bikes for its replacement now !


    My old heckler was the best bike i ever owned.
    Some pikes and a decent set of wheels and your away..
    Dont go to old though..as they were the old superlight frames basically.

    Premier Icon dreednya

    love mine, more bike than I’ll probably ever need.

    Premier Icon snotrag

    Picked frame up today, ’06 Medium Trans Red with ’08 DHX5.

    Built it up quick as lightning in the garage earlier. Feels sweet, interested to weight it.
    Cant decide if I need a 450 spring rather than the 400 fitted – it may jsut be that its so long since I owned a coil rear shock I’ve forgotten how lovely and plush they are compared to even the best Air can.

    Cant wait to ride it.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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