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  • Old BMW K series any owners here?
  • Edric 64

    I`m considering buying an older BMW k75 or k100 they seem very cheap for what they are .Is this because they are a technological nightmare ?

    Premier Icon tomaso

    The flying brick! Have a look at the cost of spares and it isn’t a cheap bike if it needs stuff doing but they can take miles and neglect.
    Its like driving some sort of remote controlled armchair but the bigger ones still shift and for distance there is not much but a Pan or another big B’imer to better it.

    I prefer Honda C90s as they make backplanes come alive 🙂


    They’re great bikes (for that era) and very reliable with one exception: replacing the clutch is an engine out job.

    As a bike courier in the 80’s with K100s and K75s as company bikes I burnt out two clutches (beer -fuelled abuse may have been involved) and hence was disliked by the company mechanic.

    As long as you’re confident the clutch is in good shape I’d go for it, great value bikes.

    Edric 64

    Thanks for the input .Im just looking for a cheap summer toy that wont get much mileage .I dont need a sports bike as with my ability I would never do it justice.


    My old K1100rs
    Awesome bike, fast, very stable and very bombproof.
    Just Fookin heavy!


    i had a k100 rs for a short while. very heavy bike nearly dropped it twice well engineered think ihad a problem with the starter soleniod being sticky had to lift the tank and give it a couple of whacks exhausts are v pricey iircc. abs can be finickey. wish id kept it now

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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