OK so who understands bike trousers then?

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  • OK so who understands bike trousers then?
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    Riding trousers are a game changer! Wore my Ion ones all of last winter & Madison DTE for wet weather. Fox ones – as above – look good – slim fit knee pads go underneath no bother.

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    I tried the Fox Flexair ones on in Cyclesurgery this weekend and found the cut really weird. Incredibly tight at the ankle (could only just get over my feet) and kinda flappy in places I didn’t want them to be. Also, it’d be nice to get a fly zip for £100 :/


    I’m one week in to a pair of Fox Fire Defend,
    Game changer to me, i’m a shorts and short sleeve person
    tight below the knee, baggy at the knee if you want pads, stay over my ass
    kept me dry in light rain (not tried anything heavier)
    warm, although a little too warm for low teen degree c, but bareable
    the key thing.. i’ve chucked myself off the bike twice, second time was on a hard chalky/flinty surface and they showed no wear.. and totally protected my skin.. hopefully i will get a few years out of them
    will be buying a defend top at some point, expensive but so good


    I bought some fox ranger waterproof trousers. Testing them out today for the first time along with a dakine arsenal jacket. Hope they do what they supposed to

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    How were the ranger pants?

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    I bought a pair of Endura Humvee waterproof trousers recently.  They are really good, but I’ve just bought a pair of running tights (i don’t wear padded shorts)  to wear under them as they’re a bit sweaty.

    Thanks to @zezaskar I now own a pair of Decathlon fast hiking trousers. 30 quid, so a little more than the ones linked, but they feel good. Hopefully will be giving them a little test tomorrow.


    Tights are never the answer.
    I like my fox demo wt pants but dont do really do pedalling type long rides being more an uplift or ebike rider.
    They are mildly waterproof.

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    MT500 waterproof trousers. I bought a pair last year and they made winter riding actually fun. No freezing mud covered shins, plenty of room for knee pads, don’t get caught in the drive train, stay up, are breathable, I could go on and on.

    Yes, they are expensive but they are absolutely fantastic. Like no other waterproof bit of cycling kit I’ve ever owned.

    +1, really impressive. Have worn through a few winters of foul weather Saturday morning youth coaching and they are still vgc.

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    As a rule of thumb the quick answer to just about any mountain bike clothing question is MT500.

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    My MT500 pullover waterproof jacket is the answer to ‘which waterproof jacket isn’t very waterproof?’  As is the zipped version that a friend has. I can’t argue with the quality of the construction, it seems very nicely made, but it isn’t very good at its job.

    Tried my Decthlon fast hiking trousers earlier. They are really decent for the price. No issues with trouser/chain interactions. Despite no calf or ankle adjusters they are nicely tapered. They are very light, so using running tights underneath helped in the cold. Given how light they are I’m not sure how they will hold up in a crash. My Humvee waterproofs survived a weird high-side on tarmac with not so much as a scratch.

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