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  • OK – so what frames have failed on you then?
  • Kato

    None whatsoever in 20 years

    Maybe i’m not trying hard enough


    2006 Yeti 575. 2 weeks & 1 ride old when I took it to Les Arcs for a week of guided singletrack trails. Last trail on last day, the n/s dropout parted company with the chainstay & it also rippped the carbon flex joint apart. Despite my protestations that the whole frame should be replaced, all Yeti did was replace the rear swing arm. 1 week later, I discover a crack in the brace that joined the seat stay to the top tube…

    Yeti ‘customer service’ left a lot to be desired. I will never spend my hard earned with that company again.

    My lbs exchanged it for a Turner.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout


    Raliegh Maverick, Al Carter, Orange Clockwork, Orange Sub5, Niner EMD, Orange ST4 all fine and dandy (and I am 14st and I do ride em a lot)


    Only two road bikes…

    Raleigh of some sort in late 80’s: Forks parted company with the crown, had them welded bac on and thrashed it some more to school and back.

    Raleigh pursuit (2009 to present): threads to stem tightening thing have washed out. Still riding it, but really should get it fixed somehow.

    Managed to kill the threads on my first mountain bike’s BB, but that was my own fault not tightening the damn thing up properly


    I’ve never broken a bike frame
    either I’m:
    1) a very smooth rider
    2) buy good quality bikes
    3) don’t keep bikes that long
    4) a big fanny
    6) can’t count
    or all of the above 8)


    Didn’t snap the Big Hit 😯 just bent the rear end, epic was a test bike at the shop I was working at.
    Have seen a rather fast downhiller clearing the old pedalhounds (opposite Cwmcarn DH) road gap and landing ‘flat bottom’ on an Epic with no damage so again down to my spanner riding 😉


    Orange Sub Zero cracked in the same area as Ton’s bike. Less than 12 months old but Orange would not give me a full warranty. A few months later they brought out a new model with a new gusset. Never bought Orange again and never will.


    muddy fox somethingorother. seat stay cracked. was 4 years old and well (ab)used.

    scott scale. folded on me.

    cannondale one40. chainstay cracked.

    saw lots of cracked cannondale super sixes in the last six months.


    Raleigh 501 (Road) – Cracked head tube
    On-One Inbred (MTB) – Cracked drive-side chainstay
    Airborne Zeppelin (Road) – Cracked seat tube at junction with BB
    Van Nicholas Zephyr (Road) – Warranty replacement for above, same problem
    Van Nicholas Chinook (Road) – Warranty replacement for above, same problem
    Now on my second Van Nicholas Chinook just waiting for it to crack!


    I did this to 18Bikes’ Cotic Hemlock demo bike 😳

    Did’nt stop me buying one as Cy had it all sorted on the 2010 model – and now they are discontinued 😥

    Premier Icon ton

    Deejay……………that drop to flat was no higher than five foot.
    most bikes would have folded………. 😉


    Spesh Enduro wrecked rear bearing put straign on the rear triangle.

    Cove Hustler x2 first replaced under warranty (with hastle) second told to go swing by Silverfish (cheers!)

    Premier Icon tthew

    Well I own a Commencal Super 4, have done for a year and it’s not cracked yet. Do I get the booby prize?

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    Airborne Lancaster.
    British Eagle Cambridge (commuting bike)
    – both within 3 months of each other.

    Thought I’d broken my Sanderson Life but a welding torch straightened everything out 🙂

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    tthew – Member

    Well I own a Commencal Super 4, have done for a year and it’s not cracked yet. Do I get the booby prize?

    Either that or Internet hyperbole ? real life?

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    I’ve cracked 2 Handsomedog XC03 frames.

    First one cracked at headtube/toptube weld within a month.
    They replaced, cracked it in the same place again within a month again.
    They replaced again with the steel talisman, had that a year with no cracks as off yet. They did tell me they would not replace it again because it would clearly be due to my hand-fisted’ness if I broke another.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Wow. Only one cracked Commencal, until now.
    The crack in my seat / top tube weld is tiny at the moment though so still enjoying riding it.

    Either that or Internet hyperbole ? real life?

    Internet exaggeration perhaps but I know of quite a few that cracked.


    I had a late Taiwanese Cotic Soda which cracked at the seat tube slot. Replaced swiftly with a Lynskey one under warrantee (after a minor but surprising debate about the difference in retail price). Very happy with it. I’ve got two Lynskey-built frames now, and frankly don’t expect them to be any more likely to break than anything else.


    Viper B52 bomber pro jump frame – Cracked at the headtube
    DMR Trailstar Mk1 – Cracked at the headtube
    DMR Trailstar Mk2 – Snapped behind the seat tube
    Commencal Mini DH 2008 – Cracked around the shock mount
    Commencal Mini DH 2008 – Cracked around the shock mount on my warranty replacement doing this drop.. http://vimeo.com/15302177
    Giant Reign X 2010 – Snapped the maestro link

    Not bad tbh. Never had a frame that i could sell on. I always ended up getting a new frame when i broke the current one!

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    Feeling much better now.

    Most companies seem to have their issues!

    Everything breaks. Providing someone (bike shop and distributer plus manufacturer) get their act together stuff is usually sorted out!

    And yes – flakey paint can be a warranty issue! And those Stiffers were replaced free and quickly!

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    Cannondale Scalpel: cracked chainstay. Replaced under warranty.
    DMR Switchback: bent top & down tubes hitting a rock at speed. Shouldn’t have run rigid forks. Crash replacement is still going strong.
    Iron Horse MkIII: cracked swingarm. Replaced under warranty. New one cracked, but the company had gone under so got it welded up. Not pretty, but still going.

    Big Pete

    Cove Hustler at 9 months –

    Warranty replacement was solid for 4 years then sold on.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Two Mongoose Teocali’s (07 models)cracked around the upper shock mounts within 6 months of each other. Shame really as they rode really well.


    2002 Club Roost XC, cracked at the weld above main pivot. Replaced under warranty twice, then given the new model XC4 which I sold new, it wasn’t much of a DH bike.

    2003 Azonic saber, cracked on the seat stay weld,replaced and sold.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Tthew, it will. Mine was just over a year old when it cracked at the seat tube, just where the top tube meets. Replaced v. quickly under warranty and has now done 15 months crack free! The area around that particular join does seem to have been beefed up so if yours is a 2010 or later you should be OK


    Kato – Member

    None whatsoever in 20 years

    Maybe i’m not trying hard enough

    +1. All I’ve ever actually broken was a quill stem in 1993 and cracked a rear rim on an ‘unexpected’ square edge the other week. Must try harder.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Just one – 2001 (or 02) RM ETSX-70

    And my Principia Mac-B – the bottle cage bosses ripped out, but that doesn’t count cos I’m still using it.

    2006 Yeti 575
    No such problems with my lovely 2006 575 🙂

    Premier Icon jimmers

    Peugeot Elite whilst doing my paper round (20+ years ago).


    Cube Reaction GTC team done around 30 miles….not a happy bunny

    appy wrote:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    And some pics that show how little use its had

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Done a couple of Anthem frames, cracked where the seatpost meets the top tube, around the edge of the top of the weld. Have to say that Giant and Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre on Cannock Chase were absolutely excellent each time, was very well looked after. Eventually went for a different model frame but have since bought Giant and from Swinno’s purely on the basis of the excellent aftercare.

    My first NRS frame died. Rang Giant, replacement, plus a new shock and seat collar was delivered to my LBS overnight.

    Giant warranty – superb!


    So even though there has been years of abuse thrown at Kona bike “everyone knows Kona’s snap” and everyone knows someone who knows someone who saw a Commencal snap there have only been about 3 people saying they’ve broken a Commencal and no Kona bikes made after about 2003 on here. And it seems that regardless of what manufacturers and magazines say about Ti bikes being “a bike for life” they seem to break quite often, especially considering they’re pretty rare. And a lot seem to go around top tube/seat tube area.

    Also even though I’m a crash happy fatty I have only buggered up a set of forks and a few wheels…

    …so far
    Tom KP


    All of my frames have failed.

    They’ve failed to turn me into Steve Peat or Tinker Juarez. 🙂

    only been about 3 people saying they’ve broken a Commencal and no Kona bikes made after about 2003 on here

    I can only answer for Commencal on here. Actually I dont really have the enthusiasm to contradict you too much. But basically you’re very wrong. The only frames I’ve ever managed to split all came from Andorra.

    I dont have photos of 1.1 and 2.1 that all came under warranty. Basically – I bought 1 bike – got 4 all within 12 months.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Orange ST4.
    3 times, 3 different places.
    Orange warranty helped the first two really well, third not and then struggled to get any replacement part that fitted.
    Frankly I didn’t trust it in my head anymore, and did not want a face/ground interface due to failure at some point again…or more bills and issues.
    Shame, cos prior to that I have owned 3x Clockworks/C16r’s and a Sub5 (for 7 years hard use) with not a single issue…


    snapped the dropout off my first Kona, a 92? Hahanna, and managed to snap the down tube on my Lemond Tourmalet, the first such is life, the second got a new, much nicer frame as a warranty replacement.


    ’02 Heckler, after 7 years though. It’s replacement,’09 Zesty 314 after only 2 years 🙁


    2009 focus superbud, snapped clean through the seatstay

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