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  • OK its Friday and what are you doing
  • Premier Icon darrenspink

    Drinking a beer, yawning. Feeling knackered as per usual for friday night but looking forward to a lie in. No early bike ride for me just for a change.

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Wasting tim on the computer whilst Mrs Mugsy builds my new road wheels. looking after the kids tomorrow. Mrs Mugsy doing a long trainig road ride tomorrow.


    Pet Plan have paid a fortune out for my Lab over the past 12 months and he had X Rays the other day and it came to nearly £600 just cost me my excess

    It’s a lab that we are claiming on now. The day at our vets for x rays and a few meds to take home came to £900 … Add to that the cost of each hip replacement that’s on the agenda ( and she isn’t even 3 yrs old ) and I can safely say to anybody getting a dog – make sure you get it insured!!

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Weather good so just finished packing stuff for a wee 1 night cycle camp tomorrow. 🙂 taking a wander over the pentlands to see what they’re all about.


    Midway through a 25 hour stint at work, trying to catch a couple of hours kip… 😥


    Just been called out to fix a problem on the DB server that really shouldn’t be a problem.

    It’s a shame that our ‘professional’ services department seem to think it’s ok to write their own scripts, not test them, not tell anyone about them and deploy them on a shared platform in the dead of night.

    The best part is that i’m not technically on call till midnight so will have to fudge the bloody times or not get paid, what’s that all about, really.


    I’ve got my penis stuck in a coffee machine again and am drinking pint cans of Stella to while away the hours while the Northumbrian hospital service get an ambulance with a crowbar out to Holy Island.


    Watch my hero …


    Watching Breaking Bad and fixing vintage digital watches. That’s normal, right?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Packing my kit for racing tomorrow and watching roadkill episodes on youtube.


    Painting done. Switches rewired. Now pizza and more vodka.

    Premier Icon phinbob

    Sitting here thinking I should tidy up my office as we have people over for dinner (well pizza). Patio also needs sweeping. Wondering if 5pm on a Friday is too early for a beer.

    But there are still a few threads on here I’ve not read, so maybe 10 minutes more won’t hurt.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Picked up a large climbing frame / swing / slide thing this evening for my little girl’s birthday tomorrow – ebay purchase. Unfortunately it took a couple of hours to dismantle and load in the van, so got in around 11pm – too late to put it together for her tomorrow morning.

    Or was it too late? By the nine it was not! Climbing frame now stands proud in the back garden, and I am walloped. Hope she likes it…

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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