Oi! Brant! Kids are being scared!

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  • Oi! Brant! Kids are being scared!
  • ziggy

    Ok, thought you were about to explode into a rant.

    Shame really, I and I’m sure others round here miss those 🙂

    ziggy – Member
    I get the piss taken out of me because of my physical attributes, do I care? NO

    Is that a PC brigade stampede I hear coming?

    Well I cannot be bothered to rant cause your quite obviously an idiot if you cannot understand the difference between taking the piss out of my big nose compared to someones physical disability.


    Suppose if you dont consider being ‘armless a disability (a lot of disabled frown on being called disabled as they feel perfectly abled) then a big nose is no different to a short disfunctional appendage on ones right shoulder.

    coffeeking, true, my ex refused point blank to be registerd disabled and fair play to her but she couldnt drive a car without it having adaptations and unless you had a really huge nose you wouldnt need to adapt a car. There were things she was unable to do therefore you could say she was disabled (she wouldnt though).


    anagallis_arvensis – Member
    My ex is a primary school teacher and she has one arm, wonder if she scares the kids!!! Actually in my experience kids were quite intrigued by it, it was adults who act a bit wierd. Often you dont notice though I can remember first time I met my ex I’d been talking to her for an hour before I noticed.

    were you drunk? not trying to be funny, like, but how did you not notice. it’s usually a fairly substaintial appendage.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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