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  • Oh, plop! I guess that'll learn me :(
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    I’ve had to cancel a holiday with Trail Addiction because the medication for my Crohn’s Disease is making me feel terrible, and I can’t honestly face the stress of dealing with that as well as my usual Crohn’s side effects. But seems I’m now too late to get my money back (hols start 7th July), as well as losing the cash on the Easyjet flight 🙁

    I hadn’t got around to taking out travel insurance, but most normal insurers wouldn’t have covered a chronic illness anyway, and those that do I should have contacted months ago (when I planned the holiday and hadn’t started my treatment).

    Anyway, I’ve learned a lesson somewhere in there i.e. don’t spend £700+ on a holiday if you’re chronically ill and not properly insured. No sympathy expected, btw, just having a whinge…

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    Sell it?

    Gutted for you – must be tough to deal with. Hopefully you’ll get a riding holiday abroad another time – trails will still be there 🙂

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    Can’t you try to flog your place on the classifieds? I’m sure you’ll get some takers if the price is right and anythings better than losing the lot.

    Best of luck dealing with the Crohns. A mate and his son who is a sufferer start the JOGLE in 2 weeks time to raise money for Crohns research.

    Edit: I fully intended to join them but couldn’t get the time off work 🙄

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    Sell it or just go out there and chill – rideif you can / fancy it, don’t if you don’t / can’t.
    Sort some insurance out though.

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    Aye, will probably try and flog it. Thing is, I was supposed to be going with a group, all booked into the same accommodation. Will have to see how they feel about a random person in with their group!

    Good luck to your mates, Bregante. I did a similar distance on a holiday a few years ago and required some “opportunistic” visits to the bathroom.


    Sorry to hear that, hopefully you can get on top of the Crohns and find the right drug combo to lead a normal life.


    As said above if your going with a group of friends I’d go anyway and do other things whilst they’re riding.
    You may feel up for a short ride one or 2 days and that will be better than not going.

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    Go anyway. It’s paid for, and hills and sunshine do wonders for the soul.

    Good luck with the crohns…… other half has it …..when you get the meds sorted you’ll be good .

    As said try and sell it in the classifieds

    Like the title though “oh plop”


    go on the hol, take some time out and chill mate sounds like you deserve it
    take a bike incase you feel like a little ride !
    hope everthing gets sorted for you

    ^^^Quite right. Go spend some time in the sunshine. You can take some ‘improving’ walks and read a few novels. Far. far better than selling your holiday to th highest bidder.

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    sorry to hear that, must be frustrating! hope to see you on a pentlands ride some time soon though.

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