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  • Oh God, it’s lovely out there…
  • Just looking out the office window: sun is shining, light breezes, cool air, mud drying-out nicely… must ride my bike!

    Right; having tomorrow off work and will go riding for a few hours tomorrow, perhaps exploring some cheeky trails around Cheddar. 🙂

    Ride some for me, stuck off work awaiting an MRI scan.

    Will do – get well soon


    and i shall be riding home in it 😛 just can’t decide which way to go home though, choices choices.


    I know, I can’t wait for my commute home.

    Mister P

    I am weighing up the ride home options. Might just get on the bike and see how the mood takes me.


    Have fun….it’s grey here and getting greyer. Quite chilly too. Might get a couple of hours in my legs later though. Can’t let the weather put me off!

    I’m not too far from Buzz enjoying the commencement of my jobseekers holiday 😕

    I couldn’t have asked for better weather to start it off!


    mmm looking a bit dull now here (Glasgow) too, never mind still warm and dry.

    science officer: didn’t know you were in that situation – sorry to hear it.

    want to ride tomorrow?

    Sadly, my daytime riding is limited, since I have a 2year old to look after and DIY to do. At least I’m at home during the week. Means I can get out in the evenings at least. How are you getting on with the Giant?

    Giant TranceX: very well thank you. It took a few rides to adapt to the FS style of riding i.e. sitting down more and accepting more downhill traction and speed. I rode it hard in the autumn of last year, including a nice mini Welsh trail centre road-trip and the 60 mile SWR course. It was especially handy doing the Beast on a wet day at Coed-y-Brenin; I would have suffered on my old HT. Made a few minor changes:

    *Ghetto tubeless the Nevegals – worked well
    *Replace big ring with bashguard before it got too mashed to use
    *Keep flipping between a play setup (chopped down seatpost and flats) and an XC setup (tall seatpost and SPDs) depending on the ride.
    *70mm stem

    I haven’t changed my opinion: it’s an XC/trail bike rather than a lite freeride. I sometimes have a nagging concern that I should have got an Anthem!

    Shocks seem to be OK so far but I plan to pay TFT for servicing after the spring riding.


    I did a 20mile detour home on my Bianchi last evensong, was lovely in the sun birds chirping, great and about time too.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    5 mile commute became a 20 mile commute this morning. Oh happy happy joy joy!

    Premier Icon Dougal

    Good time to tell you chaps I’m just off to miles of rooty singletrack?


    hooray, i’ve got tomorrow off with all that lovely weather about!

    boo, i’ve got go and sit in a hospital all day waiting for the gf to have and wake up from an operation 🙁


    Yay, sun out again here too. Last 2 evenings I’ve had dusty trails and the sweet smell of flowering gorse in the nostrils but I’m remembering why winter is also good – no insects and cobwebs in your face!


    Yeh sod this work lark, i’m going to flip the shock shuttle on my demo7 and i’m off out to Wharncliff

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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