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  • Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for a change in career – I’m getting on now 28 and the Oil industry has always interested me.

    I have done my NC in Automotive Engineering and can build an engine with my eyes shut as its my hobby (tinkering with engines/cars)

    I currently work and my previous roles are all Storeman/Logistics related. I’m currently Supervisor/Manager for a “digger” Stores Department.

    I would be looking for either a Storeman or Roustabout job. I have no issue with working my way up as its what I want to do for the rest of my days if that makes sense.

    I am yet to do my Survival but I’m only 100 miles from Aberdeen and have plenty holidays from work left to use up ect.

    I have plenty friends ect who work offshore and have offered to put a word in but I’m just looking to speak to other people about it ect.

    Any assistance/Advice would be great.


    See also offshore wind, best job in the world* You could get a techs job if you’ve got a good hands on background, apprenticeships aren’t essential.

    *I’m biased of course, but then I’m writing this from the couch while all my friends are in work.

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    I’m getting on now 28

    Bloody hell, I know life expectancy in Scotland isn’t great, but 28’s hardly getting on..!

    I know nothing about offshore – good luck with the career change..!

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    See also offshore wind, best job in the world

    expand on that? have been tempted to retrain in that area of work myself… currently work at the other end of the cycle in offshore energy planning & development.

    haha. You know what I mean by age 🙂

    I would be interested in that Andy – Anymore information.

    I never did an apprenticeship due to their being none available and I didn’t live local I was out in the sticks so had to take a normal job.

    Regret it a bit now but just want to crack on now.

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    This may be of help, as Maersk have new build rigs just coming out of the shipyard.



    Techs roles normally state recognised apprenticeships, but in reality as long as you can demonstrate good electrical or mechanical knowledge you should be ok. The three basic courses are Offshore survival, a climbing/working at height course and offshore first aid/St. Johns 4 day first aid course.

    Pay isn’t quite up to the levels of oil & gas, but I’m still tripping into the higher rate tax band and I’m home every night. I don’t do any overtime, but our top grafter/ OT whore last year topped £70K I think! Meanwhile I prefer enjoying 8 months a year off.

    Try to get on with the OEM turbine manufacturer (Siemens/Senvion/Vestas) as they normally sell the service package, especially on new builds. As a second choice get employed by the client; SSE, Vattenfall, DONG etc, although these “tech” jobs often end up desk bound doing organisational and regulatory stuff – maybe thats what you want?

    Most of this applies to onshore aswell, which might be a good stepping stone if you want to get into the industry, pays still ok usually, just without the desirable offshore allowances.

    I can’t promise it for everyone, but it’s the best job i’ve ever had. I look forward to going to work, you get guys just dropping in the service center for a craic on days off, like it was some kind of club house. Marvelous.


    I work in (office bound) design of oil & gas installations. i deal with plenty of client oil company operatives. they work 2 weeks on / 3 weeks off and get paid an absolute mint. i cant advise how to get your foot in the door but its definitely the industry id encourage my children to get into if possible.

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    Was expecting more falling off elevated boardwalk content. Dissapointed.


    It’s a gravy train of epic proportions, I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Thanks for the responses lads much appreciated.

    I know this is a silly question but how do I go about getting a position.

    1 – Do my OSS/BOSIET/MIST and start applying?
    2 – Apply now whilst booking the above
    3 – Do all of the above and start speaking to agencies ect.

    Sorry If this comes across as stupid I just know its a bugger of a industry to get into.


    Do you work offshore?

    I’m keen and very able/willing.


    I know a lot of people who work offshore here in the US in the Gulf.
    Most of them really like it due to better-than-average pay and the rotational shifts they work give them lots of time off. Probably not real relaxing when a Hurricane or strong North Sea storms come in to visit.

    Yea I can imagine.

    I just want to do something offshore if that makes sense.

    Its something I’m interested in so I don’t see why not.

    Just looking for any hints/tips ect since I don’t have a specific trade.


    Smogmonster. – where? Im fair certain the uk north sea sector rousties aint geting that ?

    Fwiw , do your bosiet and mist and banks man slinger course

    Apply for jobs and also temping agencies.

    Common way into roustie job is to temp for a hitch or two and then show them you can work and tow the line
    they will likely hire you. Show potential and willing and youll head up the ladder fair quick – roustie , rough neck/pump man/ derrickman/ad/driller.


    Oh and if north sea rousties are getting 50k im jacking in my job.


    Rousties or roughnecks ?

    Rousties beif the ones that play deck chess and scrub the floors

    Roughnecks being the ones in the danger zone on the drill floor – i could buy em getting 50k but i cant see rousties getting 50k.

    If they do then i need to change jobs less stress than completions and more than enough money to be comfy – got any openings – got all my tickets and medical 🙂

    I have a friend who is a Roustabout and makes 44k just now in the North Sea.

    I’m just looking on advice from people who have been in my situation ect or have contacts who can advise me on how to go about this.

    I have mailed a few companies purely for advice but had nothing back from them.


    Thats interesting tbh . Learn something new every day. Im surprised although- i guess thats why when i speak to some career(old) rousties thats why they in no rush to move.

    Actually saw openings for rousties on spencer ogden the other week – thats unusual.

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    I thought a Roustie was a type of potato cake….

    Premier Icon bruneep

    I thought a Roustie was a type of potato cake….

    The ones I know look like potatoes


    thehighlander123 – Member
    I have a friend who is a Roustabout and makes 44k just now in the North Sea.

    I’m just looking on advice from people who have been in my situation ect or have contacts who can advise me on how to go about this.

    I have mailed a few companies purely for advice but had nothing back from them.

    From people I know that work on the rigs, your pal holds the key.
    Most people are wise to the money that can be earned now off shore and it is not easy for someone with no relevant experience to get an in.
    Don’t be feel about bad about asking your mate if there is anything going, or if he knows someone who does.


    Good luck to you mate, I am desperate to get offshore, have been trying for the last year with zero success. Must have sent off 40+ CV’s, I can count on one hand the amount of responses I have had.

    I tried agencies aswell and got no promised call back or reply emails, despite trying countless times. I even signed up to a careers day at the Aberdeen conference centre but was emailed by the organiser saying I would be denied entry if I turned up as I didn’t have a degree.. Or experience! I wrote a letter to the press and journal paper but it wasn’t printed, also replied to the organiser saying I was disgusted with the treatment I received.. Never received a reply.

    I understand I have no experience but I have a real interest in the industry, I’m willing to start at the bottom, I know what path I want to take, I have done the courses, I have spoken to people I know in the industry… They can’t help.

    There is talk of a shortage of people to work in the industry.. Certainly not the impression I get. Jobs for the boys is what it looks like to me.. I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall..

    Good luck fella.

    Try the various vendors who provide Mech services….
    PSN / Woodgroup
    WIreline crews (Bj services).

    Might be worth considering an Opito rigging ticket. Rigger with a mechy background always handy. Esp during shutdown time.

    Judging by the ppl I’ve met offshore recently, as long as you have a pulse you’ll do. Some vendors appear to just fill bed space with numpties, (imo).

    good luck


    I’m happy to act a numptie to get offshore..

    Premier Icon Davesport

    A couple of things that have not been mentioned One is making sure your CV gets into the hands of the correct person. You can do all the mailshots you like, but if your details are getting there……It can take a lot of time & effort getting to know the names & contact details of the head of HR in each company. Another good way of getting a foot in the door is knowing someone on the inside.

    Get your offshore survival & medical out of the way & take things from there. There’s no point even starting until you’ve got these boxes ticked.

    I forgot to mention; knocking on doors. Get yourself a target list of contractors who are employing in the NS & get round & visit them. I know for a fact that this can bear fruit.

    Good luck.



    Don’t make the mistake of thinking all oil & gas jobs are offshore. Plenty of great onshore jobs if you’re willing to fly a few hours in any direction. Petromanas are looking for a supply chain manager in Albania (35/35) and are offering 1,300 US a day!

    Also had this come through today from Oil Careers – AMEC are looking for a load of people, not necessarily graduates. Some sort of UK recruiting tour. I will try to post the link if I can get the bugger open hold on


    Done all that aswell mate. Only 1 hour from Aberdeen, I spent a day going round handing them in, asking to speak to somebody in HR, maybe I caught them all on a bad day.

    I phoned loads of companies asking for the name of the head of HR and was met with closed doors as usual.. I have a good manner and can speak very well on the phone so not sure where I went wrong.. I dressed smartly and was polite when i visited the companies.. Same results.

    I have tried pretty much everything people have said and I’m no further forward.. I don’t see how the industry can hope to attract new blood if this is the attitude of the agencies and companies.

    Apologies for the thread hi-jack, I really have a passion and interest in the industry but I’m totally unmotivated now as I can’t see a way in.


    Slight thread hi-jack, what kind of career opportunities might exist for an engineering grad, masters degree in Naval Architecture, IEng with a few years experience in the Nuclear industry?


    I’m happy to act a numptie to get offshore..

    Just kidding m8, a buddy in work is having the same head of a wall experience as you, loads of m8s in the industry he’s sent of 100+ cv’s signed up to everything and he’s had nothing back, he’s almost ready to give up I think.
    Good luck to you both.

    Thanks for all the info lads.

    Think I will go ahead and sort out my courses in the next few weeks and take it from their.

    I’m in a good job at the moment which is handy and it gives me time to look for agency work to begin with. Will use a few of my current connections and see what I can sort out.

    Anyone else got any other tips or possible roles you may think I would be suitable for.

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