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    I know this is the most boring thread all day but…

    I need a desktop phone, it doesn’t need to network.

    I do need:

    Decent speakerphone function
    Answerphone built in
    Multiple stored numbers
    Easy to use.

    Any suggestions from any small business/home workers?

    Searching on google just brings up too many options to make head or tail of.

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    Softphone and plantronics / jabra speaker via USB.

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    That sounds overly complicated.

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    Some of the stuff you want is pretty old hat – answer phone built in? These days it’s a an email with a wav file you can access anywhere.

    Have a look at Polycon stuff, but they mostly VOIP based.

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    I know most people use networked phones this was more aimed at people who don’t.

    I have a single line in an office and want to talk to people on loudspeaker.

    My current handset is junk BT3560

    I was looking at something more like

    Anyone using something similar?

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    That BT one may well have the functions but you’d go mad with the ridiculous ring tones.

    Not sure I’ve got anything more helpful to suggest but at least it’s one to avoid.

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    Why not just use a mobile (+ Bluetooth headset if needs be)?

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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