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  • Office type chairs: try before I buy
  • Premier Icon RobHilton
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    I *need* a decent chair!! Maybe 2 so I can have one at work as well as home.

    Old injuries (mostly from crashing bikes 😁) are surfacing recently due to unsuitable furniture, posture (and using a laptop on the bus/train 🙄).

    Due to some specific, but simple needs I need to try out a decent amount. I live in Reading, so London is easy and worth the effort. Any ideas where to go?

    Premier Icon involver
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    John Lewis?

    Premier Icon Dorset_Knob
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    Back In Action, Bristol.

    Sorted me out (herniated disk); well worth the trip. I can now work at a desk again, whereas before I couldn’t.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Ikea +1

    They have loads, and they’ll all out to lounge about on.

    Premier Icon nicko74
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    Ikea; possibly also John Lewis and Habitat (on Tottenham Court Road?)

    Premier Icon sillysilly
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    Second hand Herman Miller, Steelcase or Humanscale. All will support well, last ages and have good resale value.

    Premier Icon scuttler
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    John Lewis stocks some decent/expensive brands including the Humanscale I ended up buying (albeit in a custom colour from a different supplier). Obviously a given store mightn’t have all the models they sell but unless you can find a specialist supplier in London (there will be one) it’d be a good start. The bigger the store the better….

    Premier Icon simons_nicolai-uk
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    Back in Action have 3 stores closer to you than Bristol. Worth a visit.

    Depending on who is paying definitely worth looking second hand – companies are always going bust and moving offices so there’s a healthy second hand market of good quality used.

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
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    A few people at work with bad backs have gone for a combination of standing desks (adjustable) and kneeling chairs.

    Premier Icon stevenk4563
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    If you’re near Reading Barkham Office Furniture would be a good call, have new and used, not sure if you can just turn up, but give them a call and they’re really helpful.

    Premier Icon mj27
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    I have got a Herman Miller Aeron 2 at work, got it second-hand after I needed a better chair due to hurting my back.

    Seem to remember it cost about £250 and just doing a quick Google show us them new 880 and there was a second-hand one there at 279.

    The chair is so good I would even pay for it myself for the difference it has made.

    Also I notice John Lewis seem to sell them so you can go and try them out there.

    Premier Icon RobHilton
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    Cheers for the tips, guys!

    I’m a contractor, so paying myself. Obviously this means I have money falling out of my arse… 😁

    As long as I can find the right thing, any price will be worth paying.

    I’ve been trying out a standing desk, but with mixed results – it does make a nice change from sitting all the time, though.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes
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    Herman Miller Aeron 2 +1

    Boots, Beds & Office chairs all have to be perfect because you spend so much time in them.

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