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  • whatnobeer

    Anyone here use Office 365? Looking into how easy it is to use for a small business, how easy it is to set up when using your own domain and generally how you get on with it. Any problems or things to avoid? Cheers!


    What are your business requirements? have you looked into Google Docs?

    I looked quite extensively into migrating to both for our company, but decided to stick with gmail for email (migrated from Exchange 2003), and upgrade to office 2010. We’re on office 2000 still…

    It’s actually reasonably straightforward to setup for a small business and there are a few options you have depending on what you are running in your office for identity ie do you run something like Active Directory for user logons etc. If not then Office 365 still allows you to create and manage user accounts on line for access to the various services. It’s not neccessarily “cheap” but it is one way of making services such as email, real time communications and shared document / spaces available to employees from wherever they are and getting them upgarded to the newer versions sooner than you would probably do it yourself. General feedback seems to be pretty positive so far (as an example a friend who works for a charity looking after their IT opted for it and loves it). Just be aware of the limitations and make sure it does all that you want it to. Also worth bearing in mind that Microsoft are in this for the long haul so they are pretty committed to making it work and making it work well. Not so sure about how Google see it as things like Google docs still seem to be more about disruptive technologies and supporting their search business. Worth looking at it as neutrally as possible and not paying too much attention to the various fanbois or haters of each company as their views are, as one would expect, “shaded”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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