Off to work in france, riding in andorra

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  • Off to work in france, riding in andorra
  • dair86

    I’m off to live and work in France for a few months, until the end of june. going to be based around toulouse

    i have noticed that the vallnord bike parks in andorra are only 2hours drive away, so i was thinking about some sunday riding there while im away.

    probably looking to do some lift assisted riding, nothing too mental tho.

    has anyone been? ill need bike and helmet hire while im there, any recommendations would be greatly received.





    yes. Its rad. Both parks are ace (valnord and soldeau). We did a guided week over there with singletrack safari which Included some ace natural stuff. Everyone rides and hires commencals, who are based in valnord. Meta am will do you fine for most stuff. Martin and keevan at sss are top blokes, you could ask them for some tips or a guided weekend…

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    Not ridden in Andorra, but Ax les Thermes is on the same road before Andorra and is quite good. can hire bike and kit in resort and the trails are decent.

    Also could have a look at Mont D’Olmes again closer than Andorra with lift assisted trails. only a small place but lift passes and bike hire are cheaper because of that.

    Les Angles also has a bike park.

    If you like northshore, there a ridiculous looking bike park just off the motorway going through Toulouse.


    Ax Les Thermes is actually where I was thinking of, but Superbagneres at Luchon is probably the same distance from Toulouse anyway.


    If you’re looking for more XC stuff closer to Toulouse then you can get an idea of where to go from the GPS traces here :

    You can find Randos here : (non-timed rides where a local club marks out a route and provides food stops for a few euros)

    And you can usually find some locals on the forums at velovert (like this : )


    Dair86, Ax is just before the notoriously bad traffic jam that is the road into Andorra, so definately worth a gander.

    In all fairness, you’d be an idiot not bringing your own bike and exploring the region around Toulouse using the links that Timb posted above.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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