Off to Crozon in Brittany for a long weekend – any recommendations?

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  • Off to Crozon in Brittany for a long weekend – any recommendations?
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    Sailing tonight from Plymouth to Roscoff, and staying on the Crozon peninsula for 3 nights.

    It’s my wife’s birthday and we’re taking our bikes. Any recommendations on things to do and places to eat? Perhaps a trip to Brest if the weather is poor.

    Is her 40th next year so I’ve probably raised the bar one year early.


    Surf! Dag nab it.

    It’s really nice bit of brittany, but you know that or you’d not be going. I’ve only daytripped Crozon from Audierne (which is a a good place to stay but I’d not drive past Douarnenez to get there, frankly, if you’re leaving the peninsula. Don’t know Brest but Douranenez is close and has enough for a bad weather half day. Crozon itself (or I may be thinking Morgat or Tregunc) is more of a resort than I was expecting, in tourist season anyway.

    You’ll know about visiting the tourist office to get local waymarked and graded bike routes for off road stuff? I don’t think there’s anything very exciting, but I’ve taken my kids round some of the tracks on the hill above Locronan which are okaaaay.

    If you did want to surf, which is my idea of a rainy day activity, there’ll be a small wave but the nearest board hire is at la torche. If you do make it that far from crozon then sardines at the rayon vert are de rigeur.


    The coast, do as much walking / biking there as possible, imo its the star of the show. The hills inland in the Parc itself are worth a look and maybe a ride – have only driven through between Morlaix and Port La Foret. If the weather is spicy a trip to see the famous lighthouse at Raz de Seine maybe worth it.

    As its out of season finding things open may be a struggle, Cameret is ok, Dournanez is better for boats, old inner harbour should have some wooden boats and a few bars / restaurants alongside. May find something with some atmosphere for RBS 6N rugby on Sat (France v Italy or later Eng v Scotland)

    I have sailed all around the coast quite a bit, stunning area from the water. Only really know the harbours that far West.

    Not sure if any of these routes are any good – click on the area

    Have fun, post some photos


    Ha – good find:

    Those are the route cards I thought you could only get from the tourist offices. Not exactly phone friendly so I’d still get the paper version if trying to ride. I’ve done a few on flat days and when compelled to spend bike time with my offspring, and found a mix of tracks between fields /sandy tracks / bits of road and some rocky bumpy up and down along the coast bits (inc the point de raz ride on which I wasn’t over impressed by the nasty concrete visitors centre and loads of coaches, things you don’t get on the crozon trident. Not that you will on PdR this weekend, I guess.)

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    The strange format of the new site layout on my phone gave this as the thread title:

    Off to Crozon in Brittany for a long wee….

    I would have thought that there was a convenient hedge somewhat closer

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    I’m hoping enjoyment of fine wine will result in a few long wees. Or perhaps if Scotland do the business at twickers I’ll have extra beers 🙂

    Thanks for the info, v useful. Just arrived at the ferry…

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