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  • Off to Afan tomorrow: any advice?
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    Some mates and I are off to Afan tomorrow for the first time. Any advice as to what trails are do-able in a day visit and what kit to take such as tyres would be appreciated. If anyone else fancies a ride out then we will be there for about 0900.


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    Whytes + the Wall (w2) takes in a lot of the good stuff. Start from the Dropoff. Or Whytes, bit of lunch, Penhydd from the other centre. We did a great loop starting on whytes, first descent off windy point, over to the Wall, Wall descent, cut to other centre,Penhydd and then back on the railway. Easily doable in a day but you need to watch for the signs.

    Prefer those trails on the HT. The July trail is fun on a FS, found skyline a bit dull as it has ALOT of fireroad.

    Tyres, whatever you have 🙂 It’s rock hard there, just let them down a bit and have a mud free day.

    When we went for a day we did the Wall in the moring, grabed some lunch at the cafe and then did whytes and went back up to do the finaly descent of Skyline.


    personal opinion, and it seems to run counter to everyone else. Much prefer the full Skyline route, yes it does have a lot of fireroad but i find it less busy, the singletrack is less used the views are better. I just like to get away from people and find the other routes busy.


    it really depends how fit you all are. For me, penhydd, wall and white’s is good for a day but hard if you,re not fit. Otherwise two of the three.


    Do Penhydd at Afan, head to Glyncorrwyg for lunch and then do Whites Level and the Black Run loop.


    I’d go for Whites first, then Skyline using the second shortcut from points 36 to 54 on the FC map. W2 combining Whites and The Wall has some great stuff in it, but I found the second half of The Wall along the railway and some of the linking sections really tedious.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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