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  • Spiders is a pretty normal one, but I seem to have a threshold of around 1cm. Under that I can pick them up, yet above that they scare me silly.

    My other one is sharp/ish things anywhere near my eyes, which is probably a normal reaction, but even imagining something sharp within a foot of them makes me squint uncontrollably.

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    aibohphobia, the fear of palindromes is my favourite.

    😆 I’m having that one


    i had to have proper stitches taken out of my eye on a variety of occasions [22 iirc] after a corneal transplant. The first time he came towards me and i told him to go away in a an anglos saxon manner. You have to rest your chin on that weird machine opthalmist have and then grip it for dear life, open your eye wide and not move or you may be blinded. You can then feel the stitches beeing pulled before they cut it and then them being pulled out. They use what appears to be a needle to do this.
    It is really not very pleasnt. Think they took four at a time iirc.
    Has that helped any?

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    Baked beans, I don’t even like looking at them.

    +1, urghhh


    Junkyard you bastard.

    No winkey as its a pain to add one off my phone


    the story is true it is not nice but not actually painful.


    Pregophobia … they really scare the shite out of me and everytime I see one I thought of nothing but their belly exploding or someone or something was going pop out from beneath …

    I’m scared to death of Mr. Underbed !!
    I can’t sit on a bed with my feet on the floor in case he’s about to grab my feet and drag me under there.

    Then you probably haven’t seen this. It should stop you worrying about something grabbing your feet



    my stupid ex was scared of flying. never been on a plane in her life. how do you know youre sacred of something youve never done.
    oh and birds, she was scared of birds. ffs. no bloody wonder shes my ex. weirdo.

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    aibohphobia, the fear of palindromes is my favourite.

    quality. I must admit though it took Scaredypants to point it out

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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