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  • Odd clunk noise on new bike
  • prezet
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    First ride out yesterday on my new Hightower v2 – and noticed a clunk noise on every landing after a sizable drop or jump. At first I thought it was chain slap, but there’s no visual indication of that.

    I’m running a RS Super Deluxe and after a bit of internet detective work it appears a number of these seems to suffer with various knocking and clunking noises –

    I don’t really want to be without the bike for a couple of months while I send the shock away to be checked, so is there anything else to check first before I do this? I’ve tried letting all the air out of the shock and pushing down hard on the bike – no noise. Checked the clutch mech, and that all seems ok. Checked all bolts are tight. Any other ideas?

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    Your knees? 😂

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    If what you are feeling is the same as the video then there doesn’t seem to be much point looking much further.

    Could you take it apart and see if the o ring and metal washer are loose like the chap in the video says his were before it went off to SRAM.

    Ultimately it looks like you will have to get in touch with somebody and see if you can get your forks repaired under warranty – but for a day old bike I’d be tempted to have a go at the shop first as it could be rejected under not fit for purpose etc.

    Whatever you do, it will likely get messy and you’ll be without a bike for a while.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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