October holiday. Sierra Nevada Spain or Molini Italy. Where to go?

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  • October holiday. Sierra Nevada Spain or Molini Italy. Where to go?
  • havinalaff

    Narrowed it down to switchbacks in spain or riviera bike in italy.

    Can anyone give any feedback regarding weather or best to go to at this time of year.


    If you were more trail orientated I would suggest ciclo montana.
    Trails were awesome in early May,

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    +1 for Ciclo. Have ridden with Riviera and Ciclo: the riding in Italy is good, but it’s nothing compared to what’s out in Spain. Just get training yesterday: Marco is fitter than you’d expect!

    Premier Icon Leku

    Have been with both (Switch x 3 & Riviera x 1) late September / early October. Both brilliant. Go as earlier October as you can. Only ever had one or two days affected by rain in all trips.

    Premier Icon jobro

    Went to Sierra’s last year late October with Singletrack safari. Days were definitely getting colder, trails were absolutely fine, but not the baking hot you may want. Interesting to see locals in thermals when we were in short sleeved tops and baggies. Would also suggest early October

    I went to Riviera in early Oct and it was ace – not too hot or cold. If you go too late to Riviera, there are problems with the trails being buried in leaves. But I had read that Ady has bought leaf blower and clears the trails by hand – such is his dedication!

    Went with Ciclo in the spring with candodavid et al. Also excellent.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    went with Ride Sierra Nevada in early November a few years ago – great fun and weather was fine!

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I’ve done – and loved – both. I’d go to Molini


    Switchbacks x 3
    Riviera x 1

    I’d go back to Riviera but not sure about weather in October.

    The trails are very different though. I haven’t ridden Sierra Nevada for a long time but i remember it being a lot less steep and a lot less technical. It suited my riding at the time and I love the place but the riding isn’t so challenging anymore.
    I’ve been to Molini 5 or 6 times including in October and the weather has been just right then. Hopefully we’ll be going out again this October 😀

    ^^^^^ There must be a dozen operators in the Sierra Nevada, so you can take you pick of easy or hard trails.

    I doubt the technicality of a whole 3000m+ mountain range can be summed up so easily.

    Good choice to have though, you’ll have fun wherever you go (maybe depending a little on the weather…).

    Ciclo took us on some terrain as technical, probably more tricky, than Riviera did. But Riviera has trails that we weren’t let loose on. In both cases, get the hang of steep low speed switchbacks.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Pretty much guaranteed good weather here in Tenerife. But then you’ve already narrowed it down to Sierra Nevada or Molini, so just ignore that 😆

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