Oct Half term holiday weather advice, Portugal/Canaries, hot or not?

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  • Oct Half term holiday weather advice, Portugal/Canaries, hot or not?
  • Possibly might head off for the upcoming October half term and the Algarve has come up fairly reasonable. Slightly more is the Canaries.

    The shorter flight and lower price of Portugal is more tempting but we don’t want chilly/rainy days.

    Anyone been to either around that time can report on how the weather was?

    End of Oct/early November time.



    Having spent most of the last year traveling back and forward to Tenerife I can say October will still be hot but there is still a chance of rain. I have been here and it will be a week of rainfall but it is usually a stormy spells rather than UK drizzle. So 1hr later it can by dry all be it cloudy and still warm.

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    I used to visit a place just on the Spanish side from the Alrgarve for work all year round. Late Oct could be very pleasant indeed, with mid 20s and warm seas. It was a popular time for locals to take a break. However – it could also be pretty cold and windy (it’s a very windy place), with relatively short daylight hours. It does also rain, hence the greenery.

    Tbh it depends on what you want to do. If it’s beach and lounging by the pool, it would be a risky time of year. If you want to a mixture of stuff including sporty or sight seeing days where heat would be an issue it could ideal.

    If it were me, I might look more over Andalucia on the Spanish side where you can combine all sorts of sports, beaches, fantastic cities and touristic sites giving you options whatever the weather.

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    Canaries are always warm, I went in new year for a week. 22ish most of the time, non heated pools where cold mind, sea was ok, chilly at first but fine once in. Couple of overcast days.

    October will be magic.

    Sunrise/sunset in jan was 8am/6ish-pm if I remember right, so october likely to be about 7-7ish I’d think.

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    We took the family to Lanzarote for October half-term a few years ago and were not at all lucky with the weather.

    It was windy, cloudy/misty and none of us had enough clothes to stay warm in the unheated villa.  The pool didn’t ever get warm enough to swim.  We did get one day on the beach before flying home, but felt a bit cheated.

    You’ll probably have fine weather, but take a jumper just in case!


    We’re going out to stay at a mate’s place in the Algarve for a long weekend at the end of October and he says it’s probably going to be chilly.

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    I’d imagine Portugal would be a bit windswept, canaries should be in the 20s, went riding in Tenerife last November for 5 days with some mates, bargain winter sun…

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    Looked at it and went with Cyprus instead. Need some sun after spending summer in the UK.


    *conversation 18 months ago re extended family holiday* “let’s go to tenerife for Feb half term” *my reply* “I’m not sure, can we go at Easter instead as it might not be that warm in feb” , “don’t be silly it’s always warm in tenerife…..”
    We had two days of sunshine, 4 of cloud, and one of biblical rain, it was shit and I’ve had rather been in wales with something to actually do in the rain.

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    We have been going to Tenerife for the last few years. We are there now and its mid to high 20’s. which is normal at this time of year. In late january/ feb it is normaly low 20’s. You do not usually get extended periods of rain but there is always the exception. There can be snow on the mountains in winter so be prepared for cool evenings in winter. Tenerife is less windy than the other canary islands. We go to the south which is much hotter/drier than the north where it is cooler and more humid although greener. Love the place!!

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