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    deadlydarcy – Member
    I feel sorry for those who work in adoption and fostering services. It has to be a job with one of the hardest sets of decisions to make. Yet, they get idiots on the internet spouting all kinds of the most generalised shite about them I’ve read.

    You can’t foster/adopt this child because you are white and the child is black?
    You can not foster/adopt this black child despite already fostering a dozen and being of the appropriate colour because your religious beliefs does not allow you to make positive remarks about gays but your happy not to make negative remarks?
    How about you cannot foster a child despite already successfully fostering 8 (some of foreign descent) because you are a member of UKIP and therefore must be a racist.
    And of course the huge fall in adoption and fostering created by the little Hitlers who work for the council justifying there jobs by actually reducing the amount of children being adopted.
    Has the manager been sacked who refused to allow the couple to foster because they were UKIP and therefore racist? Of course not therefore a clear statement that is acceptable behaviour.

    Too many children in care are being denied loving homes and the chance of a stable upbringing with adoptive parents, Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove said today at an event to raise the profile of adoption.
    Progress in adoption has stalled in recent years, with the number of children placed for adoption falling by[/b] 15 per cent between March 2009 and 2010 and more children waiting longer to be adopted. Black[/b] children took on average over 50 per cent longer to be placed for adoption than children from other ethnic groups. And children over five were four times less likely to be adopted compared to children under five in the last year.
    The Government wants to see more children adopted where this is in their best interests, particularly those from ethnic minority backgrounds, older children and those with disabilities. Some of these children are not even considered for adoption. Local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies should also be more welcoming towards all potential adopters –[/b] and not turn people away on the grounds of race, age or social background. It makes me ill to think these people are actually paid to sabotage childrens happiness to justify there jobs. Of course there will always be some that support them.


    PS my brother fostered 2 children one of which he adopted eventhough he was not in any relationship but that was the US and I suppose they are in favour of fostering and adoption and not just trying to protect there jobs?

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    Marketing executives.

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    Quantity Surveyors


    What have quantity suveyors done to upset you?


    What[b] how much [/b]have quantity suveyors done to upset you?


    HMRC tax calculators
    energy bill calculators
    Virgin Media ‘engineers’
    cycle lane designers
    the people who tarmac the roads after they’ve been dug up
    BMW indicator designers
    Crank Bros product testers

    all suffer from chronic arse/elbow perplexity syndrome

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