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  • Premier Icon seven

    Loch of the Green Corrie, by Andrew Greig.

    Very moving account of himself, Norman MacCaig, Scottish identity, and the mountains. Highly recommended


    Tim Lebbon – Echo City. very good SF/fantasy


    The new Dan Brown book, but I stopped about a chapter in and not picked it back up since then, hence the fact that I don’t know it’s name 😆

    Premier Icon kimbers

    terry goodgkind – magicians 1st rule

    its kind of ok but a bit annoying and trying to hard to shock and the characters are a bit all over the place im having trouble finishing it even tho only got a few pages, my uncle has given me the 14 other books in the series !!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    PJ O’Rourke, All The Trouble In The World.

    I’m a militant athiest lapsed Catholic anarcho-lefty.
    Which means I agree with approximately half of what he writes, but feel guilty about it.


    Inferno? I’m reading it at the moment and to be honest, it’s a bit crap

    Actually just finished Blood Meridian not long ago. Jaw droppingly good, one of those books that leaves you feeling drained at the end.

    Now reading Weaveworld by Clive Barker. He’s not the greatest writer of prose, and some of the schlocky horror is a little bit cringeworthy, but he does come up with some great ideas, and fleshes them out well.


    Currently reading “The Lure”. It’s about the FBI busting some cyber crims.

    Just finished reading “Satellite Infested Heavens”, a collection of sci-fi short stories.

    I might actually get round to reading “On the Road” soon. It’s been in my book hopper for a while now.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    The Twelve by Justin Cronin

    The Passage was awesome, hoping that this will be more of the same.


    Fredrik Colting – 60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye.

    The so called ‘sequel’ to Catcher in the Rye. Apparently there is also a real sequel, written by salinger himself, which can now be published because he’s dead.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Just finished Jim Thompson’s autobiography Bad Boy which was brilliant.

    Now on Joe Nesbo ‘Nemesis’

    I might actually get round to reading “On the Road” soon

    Keep it in the hopper and imagine it to be as good as it’s reputation. It ain’t!


    The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.


    This, an amazing individual, they don;t seem to make them like this any more:

    Edit – oops – sorry for the mahoosive picture.

    Premier Icon righog

    Of Mice and Men ( the whole family are reading as it’s my daughters English this term) I really loved it, I was the only one.

    also just finished A Possible life by Sebastian Faulks.


    re-read the The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien for the 4th time, still makes no sense but is a really good read. Very surreal.

    Wasp Factory by Iain Banks was good, took a while to get into but had a really strong ending.

    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, a short book, but a tough read, well worth sticking with, gives you a real feel for the way the Europeans “helped” westernise the African nations…

    Hundred Year Old Man looks a good read.. might check that out.


    The psychopath test by Jon Ronson, loved it!!!!!!


    I read a possible life by Sebastien Faulkes a while ago. Couldn’t stop thinking about the last story for weeks. Absolutely heart wrenching.

    It was amazing that they were so differently written.

    I’ve found everything by Faulkes to be excellent. Others I’ve read are Birdsong and Engleby.


    Everything I can get hold of regarding office design and temporary architecture and tents (thesis :?).

    also, The Metronomic Society by Michael Young.


    R W Carter – Spitting Tubes and the Point of Fire

    To quote the website “A Spinal Tap makeover of North Shore, Spitting Tubes and the Point of Fire is an illustrated 435 page novel that plays with what being an eager newcomer is really like…”

    A mate’s 1st novel only 100 pages in and it’s had me creasing.


    I actually have bought it as it was in a charity shop and want to see what crap he was writing. At least the Welsh air ambulance got a few quid from his book.

    Just finished The Long Earth, Pratchett/Baxter. Interesting, funny but a bit rambling. Will be scouring the shelves for something else tonight. Am thinking historical.


    Just finished: Stoner by John Williams. Not about the Malvern-based shed-obsessive, but a quietly gripping story of one man’s lot in life.

    Reading now: The Son by the Philipp Meyer – an ambitious & expansive take on the bloody history of Texas. It doesn’t match Blood Meridian (nothing does…), but very good nonetheless.

    Up next: Carson McCullers The heart is a lonely hunter. I’m on a sustained run of Americana.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    sir bradley wiggins – ‘my time’ and about to start simon king – wild life

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Been reading a few Denis Johnson books recently – currently on Already Dead. Very good – although it doesn’t have the wow factor of the shorter stuff I’ve read from him.

    Have Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge waiting for me at the post office depot. Looks to be a very timely novel – the high priest of paranoia weighs in just when we’ve learned they really are watching our every move. Didn’t really care for his last one and wasn’t sure he’d write another novel, so interested to see what form he is in.

    Lee childs 2nd jack reacher book.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Just read Douglas Adams’ Last Chance to See and now reading Mark Cowardine’s follow-up.

    CaptainFlashheart – Member
    Just finished The Long Earth, Pratchett/Baxter. Interesting, funny but a bit rambling.

    The Long War’s a very good follow-up. Looking forward to the new Discworld book (Raising Steam) that’s due out soon.


    Pick me up

    It’s a really really* bad romcom about a girl working in a coffee shop, the title right, it’s pick me up as in cofffee AND at the same time about sweeping someone off their feet….yeah it’s pretty much at that sort of level…

    * did I say it was bad?


    Just started The Wasp Factory. Only a couple of chapters in but struggling to get into it tbh.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Stick with it.

    Honestly, it’ll all make so much sense when you finish it.


    Northumbria – History and Identity 547-2000. Edited by Robert Colls.


    Im reading “The World Was My Lobster” by George Cole – i love a auto biography i does?

    Premier Icon benji

    The Chimp Paradox, in the hope it will make me a technical riding god (or just an improvement)


    Just finished one about Pablo Escobar written by his brother. Was £2 in HMV and it was amazing reading.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I’m on book 3 of “the many coloured land/saga of the exiles” by Julian May. Don’t really know how/why I got this far – I’m not that into it. Too many thinly drawn characters, holes in the plot line etc etc but I’m not giving up now I’ve got this far.


    World War Z – finding it pretty awesum (worth noting that it is nothing like the movie)

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Just finished the Twelve that Coyote has started, it was OK but took a while to get going, not as gripping as the passage.

    Reading Caingorm John about autobiography now which is really interesting account of Mountain Rescue.


    The modern antiquarian by Julian Cope

    A quite astonishing book actually. I’ve had it for years and had left it under a pile of other books until I unearthed it a few days ago. I’m not entirely sure about how to describe it but I reckon it’s essential reading for anyone who feels at home in our landscape.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    thepurist – Member

    I’m on book 3 of “the many coloured land/saga of the exiles” by Julian May. Don’t really know how/why I got this far – I’m not that into it. Too many thinly drawn characters, holes in the plot line etc etc but I’m not giving up now I’ve got this far. I quite liked those books in a not-really-sure why fashion, read a few of the next series as well. She definitely did something right to get the pages turning – the story’s a bit different I guess.


    Pies and Predjudice at roughly one page per poo.

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