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  • Obscure bands that the world should know about but doesn’t…..
  • Old and probably forgotten, Swervedriver… Classic 90’s shoe gazing at its best.


    Brain Donor


    If you like a bit of blues/rock’n’roll have a listen to Red Jackson

    almost forgot Blade! still the best hip hopper in the world IMO


    Not really that obscure but I always thought more people should know about Boards of Canada.


    Oh I like this sort of thing!

    Life Without Buildings. Unfortunately they only produced one album – In Any Other City – but it was excellent. One of their singles featured in the original Earthed film; The Leanover.

    Temple of the Dog – another one ablum wonder, and not really a band, more of a collaboration between the remenants of one band and elements of Sound Garden. But it was a collaboration that produced a brillian album and led to the formation of Pearl Jam.

    Premier Icon Napalm

    “…led to the formation of Pearl Jam”.

    For that alone, they should be consigned to the rubbish bin of history.
    What a load of tosh!

    tish tish, Pearl Jam shall live but only because of their one good choon ‘Evolution’

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    There are a lots of bands and recording artists out there who never got their due or were ripped off in some way. Including some really well-known ones, paradoxically. Cheesyfeet’s posts about X-Factor winners reminded me that it’s seldom the people who have the talent that make the money…


    Western Australia’s finest dub/reggae band, the Sunshine Brothers

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    good to see Swervedriver above.

    Anyway, my go and I think you should all listen to the Black Angels, especially the first album. Stomping dark psychedlic guitarry stuff. The band are great, they all swap instruments throughout a gig which is impressive. I like, I like alot.


    i like the black angels too, passover was a great album – is anything else in the pipeline?


    Frightened Rabbit, go listen now, go on, I dare ya.


    The Del Fuegos
    The Jayhawks (not that obscure, but excellent nonetheless)

    Everything Everything are my current favourite upstarts that fit this bill- more ideas and talent in both the studio and live than most could even dream of.


    Whatever happened to Thee Hypnotics?

    Just been listening through my Locust Fudge collection (German indy folk rock).
    For all those not down with the kids: http://www.myspace.com/locustfudge

    What other bands are there out there?


    The Em&M’s – they do indeed rock (in my garage three evenings per week and Sunday afternoons unless one of them has been grounded).

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    yoassarian – they released a second album sometime last year called ‘Directions to See a Ghost’…not as immediate as Passover but it’s a definite grower. Best loud.

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    and I forgot to add, why aren’t Fu Manchu bigger?

    agreed re: Fu Manchu

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    Magnetic Fields.

    Quite well known in indie circles probably, but deserve a much wider audience for the quality of Stephen Merritt’s songwriting.


    I will be shot for saying this by many but….

    I really think Mansun were class, they missed the boat by being different and obscure, up their own arse on many track but take a listen to ‘The chad who loved me’…

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    Must Be Tuesday. Totally under-rated and one of my fave bands. I’d rather they didn’t get too big though so *ssshhhh*


    “Weddings, Parties, Anything”. Australia’s finest

    “Left Hand Down”. NZ’s finest


    check out NZ band called Golden Horse, the female lead singer MMMMMMMMM


    Sleater Kinney


    The Mountain Goats

    John Darnielle is THE BEST lyricist in the world.
    fact, not up for debate.

    also add onto there, Tom Mcrae, I am Kloot, Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies, the Crimea, Gogoll Bordello, the Frames, Andrew bird, Clann Zu and The Dears

    all ace, all deserve more recognition

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    The Fall are the archetypal cult band though, I’m sure they’ll get their dues eventually.

    A mention for the Jazz Butcher (who incidentally has a sing called Southern Mark Smith), a brilliant songwriter and lyricist who might have been huge if he was a bit less clever-clever.

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    I get the feeling that one man’s obscure is another man’s everyday fare!

    I would personally put forward “The Dodos”. I reckon that Visiter [sic] was one of the best albums of 2008.

    Have a soft spot for Electrelane and Broadcast too.

    Premier Icon johnny

    sleater-kinney- good call.

    Apparently named after the sign for a turn off on a highway in Washington state. -Can’t think of a British equivalent whihc would sound so good…!?

    Giant Sand
    Robert Wyatt.

    The Flowerpot Men.


    Mute Math
    Hilltop Hoods
    Andy Mckee
    Colin Hay
    Dirty Vegas
    Eve 6
    Lazlo Bane
    Maylene and the sons of disaster
    My Vitriol
    Nerina Pallot
    Regina Spektor
    Team Waterpolo
    The Tossers
    Mad Dog Mcrea
    White Buffalo

    And probably more but thats all that springs to mind.


    This kind of follows on from somebody asking for some new music ideas, and a couple of bands I like have been mentioned here; The Dears, Sleater Kinney, Sparklehorse, (responsible for one of the most incoherently drunken but still amazing gigs I’ve ever seen), and Andrew Bird. I’d add Hillman Minx, who bought me and a mate a drink after their support slot ‘cos we were enjoying them so much, Tiger, Mechanical Bride, The Joy Formidable, Ooberman, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Bellatrix.

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    Shackleton, I agree, lovely album. Wilco, and the Early Years deserve much more attention.

    Might have to dig out No Shouts No Calls, and give it a spin… 🙂


    Liz Green definately, seen her live twice but only own two songs by her. Don’t think she has an album out yet.

    Going to ATP in a few weeks, hope to see lots of great stuff I’ve never heard of. It’s the raison d’etre of that festival I think.


    Peter Poddy – Red Jackson? From Brighton? I didn’t think anyone else would know them…

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