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  • teamhurtmore

    If you mean national income, the US is approx half the UK (tax as % GDP)

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    Income tax or total tax?


    Mol, if that was a question for me, I was talking about total tax revenues/GDP.


    Ok, so assuming average UK and US incomes.

    What % of that would go on ‘healthcare’ – either direct or indirect including private healthcare insurance?

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    From what I can tell, you could be paying $3-400/mo generally. Or your employer would be.

    The biggest problem of course is that if you are working part time or low paid crappy jobs you won’t get healthcare with your job. And these people are the ones who are least able to afford their own insurance. When you are struggling to put food on the table $300/mo is an impossible sum.

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    Plenty of the people I employ in the US get healthcare from my company and do well with this as a benefit. It’s worth $100’s of a month. However lots of people have no employment contracts, have to pay their own healthcare and plenty of people in what would be relatively good jobs over here are on hourly contracts with no chance of ever getting healthcare coverage. It’s a system that I just don’t like.

    You also personally have to deal with insurance companies which can be more daunting that dealing with the NHS.


    From what I can tell, you could be paying $3-400/
    mo generally. Or your employer would be.

    the numbers I heard from my us colleagues are much higher than that – like 3 or 4 times more. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of course.

    I’m guessing private health care (in the US and UK) is paid from net salary!? So your fees actually cost you an extra 20 or 40% more ( in the UK) unlike paying from your taxes, which are of course, by definition, out your gross salary?!


    the numbers I heard from my us colleagues are much higher than that – like 3 or 4 times more

    You can pay a lot more if you want to or if you have conditions that let them charge you. The Affordable Healthcare Act is making that a lot better now.

    Their figure may also include dental and optical cover as well.

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    I was talking about the most basic care for that price. So would still be pretty likely to face big bills if anything complicated happened.

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    its all going off


    According to multiple reports, incident began when a car, driven by a woman, tried to break through the gates of the White House. The car was then chased to the Capitol, where the woman got out of the car and shots were exchanged.

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    great article in the FT

    Better article in RenewAmerica

    Obamacare is Hitlercare.

    And the Holocaust was in fact universal healthcare in practice :

    One aspect of Hitler’s socialist universal healthcare model was “racial hygiene,” the removal of certain “undesirable” segments of society who are judged beneath the Aryan ideal, thus “life unworthy of existence,” as Hitler believed. Using his brutal panzer divisions, Hitler literally rolled out his universal healthcare throughout occupied France, Belgium and the Netherlands – those nations with mainly “Aryan” populations. Hitler used his military thugs the Gestapo and SS Stormtroopers, to implement universal healthcare in those very countries that he desired to aryanize and perfect by sanitizing the populations through sterilization and medical murder of all persons unfortunate to have physical or mental defects.

    Years before the Jews were sent to the death camps en masse, the initial mass murders of the Holocaust were performed in sanitized German hospitals and the clinical procedures for socialized governmental mass execution were created and developed there under the Nazis Aktion T4 Program. Handicapped, retarded and mentally ill persons were euthanized by the hundreds of thousands within Hitler’s universal healthcare system including some of Hitler’s own relatives. This genocide was conducted not because of evil intent but born out of medical necessity. Hitler, in his official directives allowing medical killing, called them “mercy killing” and “lives not worth living.” The perverse logic of the Nazis was that by killing these undesirables Germany would not only save these wretched individuals from years of needless suffering, but remove the taxpayers the financial burden to care for these people. Also, the German medical system would be used only on behalf of the fit and the strong. (Here, Hitler’s implemented into policy Darwin’s natural selection and survival of the fittest ideas). Ironically, due to rumors of the killings of existing patients, many truly ill persons died prematurely because they were too afraid to check into the hospitals under Nazi rule for fear they would never come out alive.

    The entire Holocaust can be viewed as the triumph of “Hitlercare.” In his noted academic study, “The Nazi Doctors,” Professor Robert Jay Lifton, explains that the murder of people by the State (democide), of the Jews and others of different ethnic groups, classes, religions and ‘undesirables’ was understood as the “Final [medical] Solution” – an en masse medical procedure for the collective cleansing and healing of the Aryan race and the German people by purging of the Jewish infection from Aryan blood.

    The entire apparatus of Hitlercare had a diabolical veneer of respectability. The death camps had doctors and medical staff to meet and greet the millions of newly arrived Jews by feigning a welcoming atmosphere to their unsuspecting victims. According to Lifton, the seemingly benign manner that doctors and medical personnel conducted the genocide of the Jews falsely added some legitimacy thus obscuring the true wicked nature of their authorized “medical” procedures. History chronicles that approximately 10 million people were murdered under Hitlercare, including six million Jews. Hitlercare or the German universal healthcare system was a key aspect of the Nazi version of the fundamental transformation of Germany and the world, nevertheless Hitler’s 1,000 year Reich lasted only 12 years (1933-45). Hitlercare’s original plan included the genocide of about 25 million Jews, Poles and Slavs in Eastern Europe using efficient and economical realization of the so-called “racial hygiene” plan of Hitler and Nazism – thus Hitlercare was the Nazis Final Medical Solution.

    So now you know.

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    That’s a brilliant website.


    Obamacare which will inevitably lead to healthcare rationing, death panels, millions of uninsured and eventually the systematic genocide of the weak, minorities, enfeebled, the elderly and political enemies of the God-state.

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