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  • barkit

    Hi everyone,

    I would be extremely grateful if anybody could provide me with the recipe of the non salty thick oatcakes.

    I can’t seem to figure how to make them.



    Scots or north staffs?


    Scottish oatcakes. An old wise Scot told me to try those and since then it’s like a drug to me:

    I found several recipes on the internet but all with fancy stuff such as chocolate vanilla or other weird things.

    I’m pretty sure the recipe is rather simple but I would like to get the old traditional one if possible.

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    Prawny is correct about Oatcakes.

    Oatcakes should be thin, flat and filled with cheese and bacon. 😀

    pop larkin

    …and brown sauce with a big mug of tea!


    The ONLY oatcakes are from good old Stoke On Trent. Topic closed 🙂

    Made some today actually.
    Oatbran , Flour (plain) , Bertolli Marg , Brown sugar , pinch of salt.
    100g Marg + 100g of Sugar + pinch of Ginger in a bowl. Nuke it for 1min.
    Stir in Oatbran and flour till a stiff mix is hand moldable. Not too dry or they crumble.
    Form into whatever biscuit shaped iten you require. Bake for about 15mins at 175.
    Ok , in a dryish but still cheap and reasonably healthy alternative to Granola Bars .


    I googled Scottish Oatcakes & got this :

    which looks about right to me. If you don’t like salt, leave it out.


    I really don’t get oatcakes, maybe I’ve not had the right ones, but they just taste like reconstituted cardboard to me and overpower anything you put them with, like cheese.


    Had mine this morning. Back bacon well done on sizzling Cheshire cheese with brown sauce rolled up, top nommage.
    The North Staffs/Stoke oatcakes probably do originate from the Scots ones from what I understand. The Jacobites got as far as Derby and maybe some decided better on the long hike back to the glens and stayed coinciding with the birth of the pottery industry down the road where the guys firing the bottle kilns over a number of days needed feeding with something they could heat up on the job so to speak.

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    Derbyshire has oatcakes – I am under the impression that they are thinner than their Staffordshire neighbours


    Staffordshire oatcakes thin, Derbyshire oatcakes thick 🙂 both nice yum

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