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  • trail_rat

    my oakleys lenses seem to wear very well … mines get used daily and hardly have a mark on them.

    As always, on the graph of price vs function, there is the law of diminishing returns. Despite being near the top of the price range, I think they are worth the money.

    The frame designs are good/pretty, but it’s the optics, especially to quality of the prescription optics, that sells them for me.


    I have approx 40 pairs, so of course I’m going to say yes


    I have
    A pair of Jaw bones, and a pair of race jackets for riding in

    A pair of root beer frog skins for not riding in.

    I like them all

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Have a pair of polarised plaintiffs for everyday use, but am I the only one who’s head gets a bit done in when driving by all the pretty patterns the polarisation causes on car windows.

    Don’t understand How people manage to keep the lenses scratch free, all the pairs I use for cycling have picked up scuffs and scratches.


    i simply do not try and clean them when they are dirty with the bag.

    see folk doing it all the time when they get muddy …. might as well be using a scouring pad on them.

    rinse the mud off fully with water


    Have got a few pairs of Oakleys and generally I like ’em

    But I think it’s fair to say that although they are ‘Oakleys’ they are all different – some are quite a bit better than others and some are no better than equivalents from Rudy Project or Ray-Ban for example.

    Personally I would not buy inexpensive Oakleys I think the competition in that segment is too fierce and you are essentially paying a premium for a fairly mundane pair of sunglasses with an ‘O’ on them.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Well, just for balance, I wouldn’t be seen dead in Oakleys.
    Too expensive, but mostly…


    Premier Icon gibber

    Couple of years back I did an over the bars at Innerleithen and landed eye-first onto a pointy rock.

    I was wearing some Oakley Minutes and all they had was a small scratch from the dead centre of the rim to the edge of the frame where the rock slid across. There was enough force in there to “pop” the skin on my nose open where the (rounded) frames dug in.

    Scars on knees etc. I can deal with, but when it comes to eyes I would rather pay out for decent kit (from genuine sources).

    I’ve still got those glasses, though after about 10 years of riding in all conditions the fire coating is coming off. I snapped the frames once in really cold weather and Oakley sent me some new ones for £7. I’ve now got some flak jackets with black polarised lenses, mostly for driving (you can’t see sh1t in the woods with them on) and for making blue skies look cool. But I’ll probably get some clears or grey lenses for biking (CRC were doing them for £40 and they just snap in).


    my girlfriend recently sat on her Oakleys – wire frames, completely an totally flattened – ready for the bin. We went to the Oakley store and told them exactly what happened…. 2 weeks later they were returned, 100% fixed, 100% free of charge.


    I have a couple of sets of Radars (I was too lazy to change the lens regularly :p ) and whilst I like them there’s no way they’re worth the money. The lenses are good but they’re quite easily scratched, not as much as the £5 safety specs but I’m careful with mine (bagged all the time when not used) and they still have a fair few scratches on the various lenses.
    I prefer my Rudy Project Rydons to for comfort but the greater lens covered of the Radar (whatever the deepest style lens option is) does work better most of the time.
    I’d say Oakley Radars are worth £50, the other £100 you’re paying is for the name and marketing budget.

    Rogan Josh

    Got two pairs of jawbones for riding, some crosshairs for work, some frogskins for the pub, and some others that I keep in my car. Worth every penny and I wouldn’t buy anything else. Snapped some m-frames last year, 8 years old, no receipt, Oakley sold me some new ones for £20. Brilliant customer service.

    I’ve had 10 or 15 other pairs in the past and the thing with oakleys are, when you’re bored of the ones you have, someone will buy them and you can get new ones. They’re like currency!


    Yes and despite the price they’ve worked out good value.

    I’m still using M frames from the late 90s every day on the commute, yes they have newer lenses but that makes them good value for money.

    Great responses folks (was wondering how long until Houns showed up 😉 ).

    So – next question. Anyone managed to pull off wearing white Batwolfs (with 00 Black polarised) without looking a right plonker?

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    i’ve (still) got a … 9? year old pair of prescription oakleys

    (not tinted)

    i even managed to drive over them once, and they’re fine.

    gibber – Member
    Couple of years back I did an over the bars at Innerleithen and landed eye-first onto a pointy rock.

    I was wearing some Oakley Minutes and all they had was a small scratch from the dead centre of the rim to the edge of the frame where the rock slid across.

    This is why I wear Oakley eye protection on the bike. Off the bike I wear Police sunnies.


    I’ve got some polarised ones and they’re good. I can wear them all day and the lenses are excellent. I did try some cheaper non Oakley polarised and they gave me a sore head.

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