Oakley Shades, do they all come with the hardshell case or just the soft cover?

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  • Oakley Shades, do they all come with the hardshell case or just the soft cover?
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    Just bought a pair of shades for riding from one of the local Opticians and whilst there he started to hand them to me in a soft case, the cloth case.. Now I pulled him up on this stating my last Radarlocks came with a hardshell and spare nose pieces, but he just wanted to hand the glasses over in a cloth case stating they all come like this, he got a bit shirty TBH. So I gave him the option, full refund or the hardshell and spare nose pieces..

    Who Knows?


    No they don’t come with a hard case generally, depending on the style, but they should come in a box!!

    No, they don’t all come with hardshell, he’s right, you are wrong.

    All my Radar’s and roadblock have come in the clamshell case, worth ringing Oakley for clarity?

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    Hmmm.. see conflicting answers so far..

    Plot thickens.

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    I just picked up some Oakley sunglasses and a pair of Oakley prescription glasses a couple of weeks back, both pairs came with hard cases.
    All the pairs I’ve bought in the past have also came with hard cases.


    My flakjackets came in a hard case. My Minutes, Five squared, Crosshairs and another pair I can’t remember the name of didn’t.

    My prescription specs came in proper hard glasses cases.

    My wife has had 2 pairs that came in hard case one that came in a bag and the latest came in a softer zip up case.

    Varies by model.
    I’ve never had a hard case, had about 6 different pairs.


    Over the years I’ve bought 5 or 6 different pairs and none of them came with a hard case/shell of any sort. M Frames / Juliets / jackets / e Wires – all came with the soft case and, of course, the cardboard box, NOTHING ELSE. Think you owe the fella an apology.

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    My prescription Oakleys came with a case. When I’ve bought sunglasses they have never have come with anything other than the soft bag, but its been a while since I’ve bought any so that could easily have changed.


    The Oakleys I bought the other day didn’t come with the case, had to buy them seperately. The question was asked though. Wasn’t too fussed as I got the glasses for £52!

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    So are the new ones Radarlocks, or another model?

    I think all my ‘sports’ Oakleys – Flak Jackets, Radars, Radarlock came with an array type hardcase


    My Split Jackets did, my Frogskins and two pairs of Fives did not. I think only the ones with multiple lenses come in a hard case.

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    My racing jackets came with a hard & soft case / spare nose piece. But as above they came with two sets of lenses.

    My Jawbones (now Racing Jackets) had a hard case with the extra lenses and nosepieces, and a wee bottle of antifog fluid included.

    Casual ones I’ve bought int he past came in a box with just the cloth case.

    I’d expect Radarlocks to come with same – see below, the case is pictured


    As others have said some do some don’t. I was told a couple of years ago that it can often depend on the exchange rate. They throw in a hard case in an attempt to prop up uk sales instead of foreign imports. It was a guy from oakley who told me that.
    I’ve had loads of pairs of casual ones and they’ve never come with a hard case. I had some frames a good few years ago that came with a hard case. The pair i got my wife a few years ago came with a soft and a hard case.
    Part of me hopes he gave you your money back and wished you an enjoyable onward day.

    if you look on the oakley uk website it should tell you what accessories should be included.

    Here. Nose piece yes, hard shell no.


    From my experience with oakley, sports glasses (racing jackets, radars and radarlocks) would come with a hard shell and bag while normal sunglasses would come in a soft bag.


    Which Oakleys are they OP?


    Got some Oakeys and Ray Biris from Tenerife earlier this month no soft cover or hard case

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    My “sports” Oakley’s, M-Frames, Flak Jackets and Jaw Bones all came with clamshell hard cases. My more fashion orientated glasses, Fives, Plaintiffs, Square Wires and Jupiter’s all came without. These are all from either Eyewear Outlet, Oakley direct or Sunglass Hut. So I guess it depends on the model.


    My racing jacket Oakleys came in a case and with a soft pouch, spare nose clips.


    Scroll down to “what’s included”

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    My last pair of Half Jackets direct from Oakley came with the soft bag.


    The only pair of ‘Oakley’ glasses I have that came with a hard case were some ebay knock off Jawbones (which came with an assortment of lenses).

    All other genuine Oakleys I have ever bought (around 10 pairs, all from the ‘fashion’ side) have just had a bag.

    FWIW my riding glasses are Smith ones with interchangable lenses, again they came in a hard case with slots for the lenses. I’d hazard a guess that generally a premium pair of glasses with interchangable lenses will come with an appropriate storage case, otherwise don’t bet on it.


    Mine came in the soft bag, luckily bought a hope stem off a lad who posted it wrapped inside a hard case!

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    Well still conflicting opinions.. It’s all a bit random innit…

    Anyways, they’re these fellas (stock image, right colour/lens) ignore the Chinese writing in the ad it’s the nearest ad i could find with the right colours etc…..

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    That’s Japanese, not Chinese.

    I was about to say my Radars with Prizm came with a hard case, but yours are Radarlocks- looks like they don’t…..

    Compare included accessories of Radar and Radarlocks


    The prescription glasses come with hard case and soft , shades usually just have the soft pouch. Fake ones often come with a hard case

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    The Radarlocks I just bought from Wiggle came with a hard case with the spare lens in it’s own slot & spare nose grips.

    My fake ones from China came with a hard case and all the spare nose pieces, lenses etc. 🙂

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    I’d have given you a full refund 🙂

    Only had two pairs, both from Oakley Store, and:

    Racing Jackets – Hard case
    Frogskins – Soft case

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    I’d have given you a full refund

    Me too minus the cost for having lens custom made. 😛

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    Well it seems mine should have come with a case. Whilst I posted that image up there ^^ those are the wrong shades it seems. I’m not being arsey here but I did a little check and the Oakley store in Town confirmed my shades should come with a hard shell case, niiiiice. So I bought some clear lenses for them whilst I was there.

    It’s odd for me to get miffed about such things, but the salesman inferred he was doing me a favour by handing me the hard case and being sniffy about it too.

    Well there is now no need, I shall pop into Town to buy my next pair (if/when I need them)

    TBH, they are bloody lovely things… 8)

    To those that would/offered a refund.. I can send you some bank details if you like.. 😛

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