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  • Oakley Prescription Dealer near Bath/Bristol
  • Premier Icon dougal365

    Finally decided to get a decent pair of transition prescription sunglasses. Happy with my Oakley non prescription in past so thinking Oakley again. Confusing lens options etc and looks like upwards of £400 so ideally I’d like to discuss in detail with someone who actually understands the options. Been into some local opticians but all have very limited frame choice, and their experts don’t seem to be when it comes down to specifics.
    Any recommendations for Bristol Bath area?
    Or better discussing with eg Rxsport and doing their frame trial etc (I’m slightly wary of doing it online re PD etc)

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    I’ve just had good service from Vision Express in Brecon. Not near Bristol, but nearest Oakley prescription optician near me (20 odd miles away!)

    They knew what I wanted over the phone, and talked knowlegdeably about the different frames and lens options.

    So I went to see them. No pushy sales.
    Happy for me to go away to think about it.

    To reglaze my day specs wasn’t that much cheaper.

    Phoned them up and confirmed the order. But yeah £400+

    So maybe give the Bristol branch a try?

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Been using RX Sport for years and always had great experience and first class service with them. Had problems with local opticians who all seemed to have limited knowledge, frame options and wanted to charge an arm and a leg.


    There used to be a really good opticians in Bath, I bought three different pairs of prescription Oakleys from them, but they shut down a few years ago.
    Mine are WHY3, WHY4 and WHY8’s, the 4’s I stopped wearing some time ago, because my prescription changed, but I dug them out recently and amazingly they’re fine to wear!
    Which is great, because they’re probably twenty years old now!
    Titanium frames with Fire Iridium rimless lenses, so comfortable to wear, love them to bits. I might look into getting new prescription lenses for the WHY3’s, the 8’s have ordinary tinted lenses from SunglassFix, I’ll check out Vision Express, there don’t seem to be any local independent opticians who do Oakley RX; there was an actual Oakley store in Bristol, but sadly no longer – possibly because Oakley are no longer an independent company.
    Edit – just checked for Oakley dealers local to me, and both Vision Express and Boots in Chippenham are dealers!
    Which is nice… 😄

    Premier Icon dougal365

    Thanks all. I saw the store manager at Vision Express Bath and he was very helpful so ordered from them.


    Well done, I bought my Oakley crosslinks from a local optician. I probably paid more but I have had to go back a few times, the arm locking mechanism got stuck on one side so he fixed it foc.

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