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  • O2 broadband – any good?
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    Thinking of going with O2 broadband only in my new flat. Existing mobile phone customer so only £6.25 a month, but if they’re a bit crap then I won’t bother.

    Never had any problems here. been a customer for ages.


    In my opinion

    ONLY if your exchange is unbundled. If not avoid like the plague. I’ve been with them under both LLU (unbundled) and non-LLU (forget what that’s called). under non-LLU their ‘fair usage policy’ and traffic management made the connection unusable, and when you did manage to use it, by setting up a server to down load things in the night the only time it bloody worked, they would ring you up and threaten you for going outside their arbitrarily defined user limits. They would not tell you what these were to begin with, and would give you no way of measureing your useage (which they claimed was unlimited) and when you rang to say that the connection was unuseable in the first place they would outright lie to you, and say it was BT! (not true, since I was non LLu before and after, both those connections rocked – as much as ADSL1 can rock – sort of status quo levels of rock). In short ok if unbundled – we had many years happy usage in Leeds, but after my more recent dealings I will never use the lying scrotes again. I had infact in fact forgotten just how blindingly angry I was about that! deep breaths.

    Now with plus net, and happier than a happy online internetty person ever was.

    EDIT : – by unuseable i don’t mean i couldn’t watch HD streams when ever I liked, or max out my connection on a whim, I mean after midday i could not listen to radio online. It was actually slower than dial up.

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    How do you find out if the exchange is “unbundled”? I’m only moving down the road and am currently on BT Broadband, with no problems, so assume it will be the same exchange.

    It should say when you check for service availability in your area on their site. Also if not, you will be told you have to pay more than the advertised price because that price is based on them having their own equipment in the exchange.


    yep my experiance mirrors that of unclehommered

    never called a broadband company as often before

    i now try to only deal with those companys with their equipment in the exchange which has been bt for the last 3 houses. 29 quid a month for internet , phone and unlimited calls evening and weekend.

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    I’ve just done the same in tyhe last week £6.25 per month getting 8.5mb dowload compared to Sky £7.50 at 2mb download – very impressed – running my youview box through it watching ondemand tv and works a treat

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    Been on 02 with an LLU setup for the last couple of years. They’ve been excellent in my experience. Consistent speed no matter what time of day. Zero traffic shaping. Their level of communication is excellent and I’ve no interest in moving.

    Previously I was with Sky, who gave decent speeds, but the fact they demand you only use their supplied router meant I had to switch supplier as it was hampering my Xbox Live stuff.

    BT before that who were absolutely terrible. Horrendous traffic shaping and speeds were crap at the best of times.

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