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    Son is off to New York on Monday, what would people recommend as ‘must sees’ that can be done in 4 days without humongous expenditure (he is 19yo student). Have never been myself so have no pointers other than the usual 9/11 memorial and Empire State building. Your help and advice please. He is staying less than 10 mins walk from the empire state if that helps with suggestions.

    Central Park
    Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
    Empire State Building has long queues even if you book ahead, but well worth it
    One World Trade Centre (the new one built next to Ground Zero)
    Brooklyn Bridge
    New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street
    Times Square
    There’s an aircraft carrier made into a museum- USS Intrepid (?) moored on the West Side
    Grand Central Terminal

    Premier Icon nickjb

    High Line Park
    Katz Deli
    A boat trip. The ferry is is nice enough on a tight budget, the proper sight seeing boat is better for not that much
    Just walking around is pretty good. Nice stroll on the waterfront under the classic bridges or round the busier streets and squares


    The ferry is is nice enough on a tight budget

    Very much this – the Staten Island Ferry I believe?

    Also, get cheap same day tickets to a Broadway show - info here….


    Empire State building at night – no queues, different kind of spectacular
    Go drinking/clubing on the Lower East Side (he is young after all)
    Head to Brooklyn for trendy drinking/eating experiences

    Can’t really add much more to the suggestions above

    EDIT: Just realised that it’s 4 days…… better get some museums in to fill the time too!

    Premier Icon votchy

    Go drinking/clubing on the Lower East Side (he is young after all)

    too young, drinking age is 21, he only 19 lol


    votchy – Member
    too young, drinking age is 21, he only 19 lol

    ahahahaha I hadn’t even considered that……. gonna be a long 4 days 🙂

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Top of the Rock (better than Empire State views)
    Highline followed by Chelsea Market followed by beers just south of Washington Sq Park
    Morning Star Diner for ultimate diner breakfast
    All bars around Williamsburg – plus Music Hall of Williamsburg for local bands (get the L train)

    *take fake ID

    Premier Icon riddoch

    High line
    USS Intrepid with space shuttle.
    Rockerfeller building rather than empire state, better view and better experience.
    Staten island ferry gives quite a good views
    Tourist open top bus trip.
    Just wandering about absorbing central park, times square, flat iron building. Getting over excited when you find one of those steaming manhole covers (though that may just be me)


    – Big bus tour (orientation and see uptown areas such as Harlem) ??
    – Statue of Liberty (try and get crown tickets) & Ellis island (maybe not Ellis island if straped for time)
    – High Line walk
    – Lunch at Chelsea market (high line ends near it)
    – Top of the Rock (amazing views of central park & the empire state)
    ?- Times Square
    ?- MOMA gallery
    – NYC public library
    ?- 9/11 memorial
    – ?Cafe Orlin (amazing pancakes)
    ?- Walk around Central Park
    – Broadway show (can get last minute cheap tickets at the booths in times square)

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    I went to NY at 18 and they were bloody strict on ID’s in bars and restaurants. The few places I tried were really apologetic as they knew I was legal over here

    All the above are really good.

    I would also recommend:

    Gotham West Market – mixed street food market not far from Times Sq. youngish crowd, great food and not expensive.

    Sandmans Tour – free* walking tour around the south of Manhattan. *you are expected to tip the guide

    Katz Deli is brilliant but be prepared to queue and go hungry the sandwiches are massive.

    If he is interested in social history the Tenement Museum gives a good insight into what life was life for the immigrant communities as they moved in to the city.

    Try to get tickets for live sport. We went to the Yankees and it was a great Friday night out. We are planning to go back later this year, partly to watch more baseball.

    Premier Icon tthew

    OK, a couple that haven’t been suggested so far, which meet the criteria of being fairly cheap too, (‘cos some of those up there aren’t!)

    Bike hire and ride around Central Park.
    Rowing on the lake in Central Park.

    Not as cheap as just walking, but I think we can all agree that walking is dull right?

    Premier Icon votchy

    Cheers all, some good ideas there for him


    The speed boat tour is pretty cool – it’s called The Beast. Although probably not the cheapest, and could be pretty chilly at this time of year!

    I wouldn’t go out my way to visit Times Square. It’s packed full of tourists and you’ve seen it plenty of times on the TV. Bit of an anticlimax for us.

    Definitely stop by a deli for a huge sandwich (beef brisket and/or pastrami 😛 ) followed by strawberry cheesecake.

    For a less touristy/more relaxed time, areas like Greenwich Village, Tribeca, East Village and also over to Dumbo in Brooklyn. Plenty of cafes and restaurants.

    Premier Icon benmotogp46

    If he’s into his food:

    Donut Plant

    Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridian)

    Lombardi’s (America’s first Pizzeria)

    Premier Icon tuboflard

    I’m here at the moment.

    Bar 65 at Rockefeller is as good as top of the rock and quicker and easier to get in to. Highline as others have suggested, food at Bubbys too at the end of it. Grand Central station, the oyster bar is pretty cool too. Central Park is very nice though no boats on the lake in winter. Go see the amount of security around Trump Tower. Times Square of course. Maybe a game at Madison Square Garden if there’s one on. Ground Zero for definite.

    Be prepared for it to be expensive, I’ve just had to suspend my Yorkshire habits for four days else I’d be permanently grumpy at the prices especially with the exchange rate as it is.

    Don’t do Lombardi’s pizza go next door to Juliana’s much better and better service – go early as queues are long after 6.

    Walk Manhatten bridge to look at Brookline bridge at dusk and watch the lights change (after Juliana’s)

    There’s a river taxi from Battery Park, get home n and off an any stop all day, good value. There’s also a good a good deli right at battery park too worth a look.

    Pastrami sandwich from Carnegie’s up near Central Park

    Hire a bike for Central Park and up and down the Hudson

    Highline Park.

    Top of the rock to look over Park and at Empire State etc.

    Buy a Metro card and load it to use subway. Quickest way around the city.

    There’s so much, this is just scratching the surface. Gonna be expensive either way due to exchange rate.

    Premier Icon jkomo

    The High Line is the one must do. It’s a great way to walk down town without constantly crossing roads then have a mooch around the East Village.
    You can get out a (boris type) bike out and ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s on a high level above the road. (Or walk it)
    Staten Island ferry is free, and the views are ace, even before you get on.
    Most average pizza is better than anything you can get here.
    I wouldn’t bother with the museums or shopping. Just enjoy being there.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    If you’re quick; the veneer of democracy starting to fade 😉

    After this he’ll wanna check out MOMA:



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