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  • weare138

    I remember seeing Platekill, which is upstate NY, on one of the Sprung DVDs?


    There’s some riding in the state parks. Ringwood supposed to be worthwhile. I did some riding in Tourne park. Rather compact! Think you need to be able to drive out for quality riding really…


    Hey peeps,

    I’m moving to NYC in December and seriously wondering whether to take my full susser (Orange Blood funbike), or sell or store it.

    We’ll be living in Brooklyn, so I’m wondering whether any of you have experiencing of getting out of the city and doing good quality riding in NY state, and if so where/how, how long did it take to get there, and how good was the riding?!

    Thank you…


    We visited Whiteface Mountain in upstate NY. Ski lifts open to bikes during the summer.

    Make sure you pay a visit to Roy’s Cycles on Sheepshead Avenue. I remember going in there when visiting my bro-in-law (who lived in Brooklyn at the time). Must have been early 90’s(!). All I can remember is walking in and staring at the ceiling at all the Yeti ARC’s hanging there…………!

    Would love to go back.


    You’ve got Mountain Creek Bike Park (used to be Diablo) maybe 2hrs away in New Jersey. Looks pretty good. Bound to be plenty of stuff upstate NY though

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Bound to be some XC riding on Long Island. Likewise upstate. I lived there a long time before I got into mountain biking but I did lots of skiing in NY state and Vermont – all 3-5 hours drive from Manhatten – you get used to the distances we used to drive 3 hrs to ski for the day or 5 hours for weekend. You need a car but you can rent or hook up with locals. IMO it would be worth taking your bike (assuming its suitable) so you can ride it on trips “out west”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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