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  • tonyd

    Very interesting, thanks for posting. I just ordered the 34T version of this last week. Hopefully it’s not stuck in customs!

    FWIW, someone mentioned previously concerns about mud clearance through winter, given the chain needing to fit tighter on the chainring teeth. I spoke with my LBS about it and they said they’d been running XX1 all through last winter without any issue, so hopefully these (and RaceFace) will prove OK too.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    After giving my wolftooth a good thrashing round some propper rocky shite i’ve still not dropped the chain.
    Seems to be wearing well too. 🙂


    Was out on Thursday night with a mate, he has a 2×10 setup with Type 2 mech and an ISG chain device with the upper guide and the lower slipper part. I’ve got a 1×10 with Type 2 and Wolftooth ring and no retention. We were descending a very rocky descent with a reasonable turn of speed, he lost his chain and I didn’t. Not sure how he manage to lose his chain with the chain retention he’s got installed, I thought it was impossible to lose a chain with those. Anyway, not a scientific test by any stretch, but demonstrates the retention ability of the Wolftooth.


    I recently tested mine (a works components 32t) in the Lakes for 4 long rides over the BH weekend, finding the rockiest most nastiest stuff we could. Never lost the chain once. (1×10 with a Shimano XTR clutch)

    Believe the hype.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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