Numpty Garmin question number 2…

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  • Numpty Garmin question number 2…
  • Looks like I’ll be doing a sprint Tri this weekend. Obviously I want to record my effort for prosperity and post event analysis. I don’t have a fancy Tri computer thing so thought the recording of the swim and can be done via my Apple Watch, and was going to use my Garmin for the bike bit. However once I’ve woken up my various sensors and they’ve connected to the Garmin I’ll be leaving the bike for a bit while I toddle off and do the swim, so i’m assuming everything will shut down again and by the time I’ve done the swim and i’ve got on the bike and everything has woken up and connected i’l have lost half the ride.

    Any tips or tricks to keep everything awake and connected and ready and waiting for me to hit the bike bit?


    Can’t you just turn off the auto shut-off feature in the settings? I think you can with my Edge 500…

    Auto shut-off? not heard of that sounds perfect. thanks

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    Just turn the garmin on when you get to the bike, by the time you’ve got suit off and into your bike shoes it’ll be up and on, and if not it will be by the time you’ve ran out of the pen.

    Or just use the watch for the whole lot, a sprint isn’t going to trouble the battery.

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    Should auto wake ..assuming its switched on at an appropriate time.. takes about 20-30 seconds…pretty quick really…

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