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  • Numpty Fox Vanilla R travel adjustment question
  • TandemJeremy

    IIRC one spacer is simply swapped in position on the spring one side and the other spacer is put in.

    Thanks, TandemJeremy. That helps – think mine are 06 models, then (although bought in 05) which might explain why the internals look a bit different?

    But when they were set to 100mm there were NO spacers in there at all. And by that 06 manual I am missing the 'straighter' of the two spacers.

    Anyone know where I can get one?


    Contact Mojo

    They will have the parts and tell you what to do with them

    I've a pair of old 2005 Vanilla R forks which I've had since new. Originally they were set to 130mm. Several years ago I converted them to 100mm to stick them on another bike. And now I need to convert them back to 130mm.

    Here's the thing:

    I'm a numpty and I've forgotten how.

    When I converted then to 100mm way back when, I *swear* I only took one spacer out and kept it safe. And I still have it. Looks like a 30mm black cotton reel.

    Having just taken them apart to reintroduce the spacer there's nowhere I can stick it to make it work. The photo in the manual doesn't help cos I swear my damper rod looks different to the one in the book. And it looks like there should be TWO spacers.

    Any help gratefully received before I hurl them into orbit. Can't do you pics because I've left my camera lead at work.

    OK – I now have the correct spacers, studied the manuals and photos… and it should all be very straightforward to convert these back to 130mm.

    I've removed the topcaps off both legs, inserted the 2x 30m spacers correctly as per the diagram… but the lowers don't/won't drop enough to accommodate the spacers. I can't screw in the topcaps back in with the spacers in place. Despite my best efforts of pulling the stanchions up (or pulling the lowers down) there's only 110mm of stanchion showing before they bottom-out.

    They are definitely Vanilla R 130mm forks. They were originally set at 130mm. Then I converted them to 100mm, and now I want to use them as 130mm again.

    What am I doing wrong?


    check this link out from enduroforkseals, specifically sections 31, 32 and 33. For 125mm travel read 130mm travel


    I am fairly sure you need to take the lowers right off – one of the spacers is on the damper rod in the lowers – thats the one that limits the travel and needs to be removed. It sits on the damper rod under the stanchion

    Not certain tho as its ages ago I did this


    the one you have removed goes in the left leg.
    Then you need to take apart the right leg and move a spacer from the rod to the top on the spring
    hope it helps.


    The 130mm travel setting uses two 30mm spacers but one of them is *already inside* the fork, on the plunger shaft inside the left (spring) leg. It sounds like you're adding a third one… 🙂

    The spring-side spacer has to be re-positioned, so you need to remove the plunger shaft by undoing the nut [1] at the bottom of the fork leg (catch the oil as it drains) and pushing the plunger assembly up through the stantion.

    Take the spacer off, and put it back on top of the spring just before re-installing the topcap. (Remember to refill with oil…)

    On the right leg (damper side) you just undo the topcap and clip the second spacer onto the top of the shaft.

    No need to take the lowers off.

    [1] That nut can be a pain to remove (and re-tighten later) as it's prone to spinning around taking the plunger shaft with it – in which case you need to re-assemble the upper and apply some preload or tie the crown down to the fork brace. The force through the spring holds the plunger in position and stops it spinning round.


    Ah – that makes sense elliptic. I knew one of the spacers was merely relocated from the bottom to the top


    Always takes me a minute to remember which way round they go… 🙂

    Should make it clear my personal knowledge is the '06 model. Though actually mine is currently at 120mm travel, with a super-secret combination of nonstandard spacers… 8)

    Premier Icon edd

    As a random point of information there is info [clicky] here on how to convert a 140mm Vanilla to 120mm…

    Thanks fellas – esp elliptic. All sorted now 😀 😀 😀

    Sometimes, I love this forum.

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