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  • aP

    References/ Insert footnote (or endnote).


    Is there anyone of doing end notes but using the Insert Reference tool on Word (so you just plug in the reference info and it churns out a correctly formatted reference)?

    Ta, Duane.


    Hi all – another fun question..

    MS Word 2007.

    What’s the best way to add a bunch of references to some text, where the references within the text are just superscript numbers? And then have a numbered bibliography. And the numbers automatically update if extra references are added etc?

    Like this (and superscript), but Word doesn’t have the option for Vancouver style..




    In word 2007 (I don’t have it to hand) it might be called something like ISO 690 – and probably have two variants (round and square brackets off the top of my tedious head).

    If this isn’t the case, then someone has created an appropriate XML file to do it here:

    I personally don’t bother with the built in ref manager for word, and prefer to use Zotero – because it has better library creation and management, which suits my researching style better.


    Endnote (the thomson reuters programme) is excellent

    Using it for my dissertation now.

    In google scholar for example you can click on the cite option under the link to the page then import to endnote, i’m using the apa style because I prefer it,

    Once in endnote you can then attach a pdf of the paper to the entry so you end up with a library with all your references and the papers.

    Then you can set it so that when you’re writing you just write {author or year} and it’ll automatically inset the reference into the text and populate a list of references at the end.

    You may want to personalise the formatting but in endnote that’s easy to do, for example I’m using a customised APA 6th format, but it’s easy to do.

    Wish i’d discovered it earlier in my uni career

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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