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  • Numb hands during ride yesterday – suggestions why?
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    Hi all, I went for a routine local ride yesterday, about 15 miles I suppose around my local route, I’m using my normal bike with a setup I’ve had for 6 months, with the same bar & grips that I’ve had for a couple of years, I was in Scotland all weekend riding but before then I’ve been off the bike for 5 weeks whilst the frame was being replaced.

    About half way around the ride I noticed a bit of tingling in my palms, mainly on my right hand, but eventually it was in both of them, the sensation was only slight but it was definitely something I haven’t noticed before.

    My grips are fairly worn (Lizard Skins peaty grips) and it also feels like I have quite a lot of weight on my hands when sat down. Is my weight too far over the front end, putting too much pressure on my palms?

    Can anyone suggest why this happened?


    Have you adjusted your saddle recently. I started getting pins and needles last week in my hands. When I thought about it I remembered I had changed my seat post and my saddle was further back on the rails than usual. Adjusted the saddle and everythings fine again

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    is the ground dry now? last 6 months here have been characterised by mud.


    lack of bloodflow to the arms? maybe a poorly adjusted backpack or a jersey that binds under the armpits. or glove straps too tight.


    There are pressure points in your palms that cause numbness, sometimes it can last for days, it’s not unusual on a bike.

    If the frame has been replaced it could be anything from your bars are rotated differently to the the saddle is a different height. Probably the latter leading to more weight up front. Try avoiding resting on the palms for too long.

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