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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Just thought I’d explain my predicament and see if anyone thought I had any chances of getting a warranty replacement.

    The story goes; I had a small-sized Nukeproof Mega(Black), which I always thought was a little bit on the short size.

    I bought the frame brand new, but sort of second hand, as the dude selling it worked for a bike shop. So the frame was technically new and unridden, but second hand in the sense it wasn’t directly from a shop to me.

    A mate of mine who runs an online business buying and selling bikes had a medium sized Mega come in(Yellow)

    He let me try the medium out, which I preferred size-wise and we agreed to swap frames and sell my small one on instead. I cleaned it up, all the usual, swapped the yellow medium over.

    He recently sold it via Ebay to a bloke in Europe. Said bloke has since sent a picture after inspecting it and has found a crack on a weld in the swingarm (It’s not a sticker, and will not polish out..). Incidentally, the frame is under two years old and the swingarm was post-recall of the original swingarms.

    It so happens that the Yellow Mega has with it the original swingarm recall replacement which the guy in Europe is happy to accept, only as long as he is able to get the swingarm AND the frame powder coated(to match)
    To do this, with postage, he reckons around £100-110.

    I’ve done some looking about and can’t seem to find any for sale, and so was wondering if you folks thought that Nukeproof would, or should honour a warranty replacement, or whether that’s going to be too much hassle getting it back, having it inspected and changed, then sending it back and just sucking up the cost..?

    In an ideal world i’d be able to find a black swingarm for sale…but alas.

    (Incidentally, I’ve emailed Hotlines and CRC)

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Warranty on a 2 year old, 4th-hand frame?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Yeah just suck it up and move on. You got a good deal in the first place presumably.


    I assume (as above) you got it as a bargain from the LBS ‘bloke’… that ‘saving’ you made then was the price of having no warranty. You’ve no warranty or grounds to expect one IMO.


    Helping fix the damaged part – fine. Helping with the aesthetics – **** off


    I’d hope they’d offer you a trade+VAT replacement but I’d be amazed (and very impressed) if they did it free.

    It does occassionally happen though – I broke the swingarm on a Scott full susser years ago and the race team gave me one free (and even fitted it) at SSMM but maybe that’s a rather unusual set of circumstances.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Yeah, I was kinda hoping they may have some of the hundreds that they recalled hanging about in a corner of a warehouse that they might let me buy.
    I’d much prefer to get an original black anodised replacement I can send out to him. Makes it dead simple then.

    Helping fix the damaged part – fine. Helping with the aesthetics – **** off

    To be fair, he bought the frame in good faith thinking they matched (they did) and so it’s not unreasonable to want to get both frame and swingarm painted the same. I’d want to.
    If I get no reply from Hotlines etc, I’ll just pay up.

    I’m actually in a strange way a little bit proud that I broke my first frame… 8) 🙄


    For all us Nukeproof Mega owners, where’s the crack please?


    Thank you, weirdly I think I’d be quietly proud too..

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