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  • Nukeproof Pedals – Neutron v horizon – Plastic v Alloy?
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    I already have a set of Neutron’s, no complaints in general although I’m not sure they are as stiff as previous metal pedals.

    Im just looking at another set for a new bike & was wondering if the Horizons are much different? Any better or worse & are the medals ones worth considering?

    Any experiences & thoughts welcome


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    I’ve had both, they’re the same bar the actual body.

    Some people don’t like the electron as the shape of it gives them foot pain, I’ve never suffered.

    The Horizon is the answer to the foot pain issue, but they’re a lot thicker.

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    I loved the original Electron, although I know they had a marmite reputation. I tried the Electron Evo but really didn’t like them.

    How have some Horizon comps on my latest bike and was impressed. I did have an issue with one but they were quickly sorted under warranty. I think I was just unfortunate.

    They are not as slim but feel great underfoot.

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