nukeproof mega with 170mm fork?

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  • nukeproof mega with 170mm fork?
  • freeridenick

    I run 160mm 1.5 lyriks on mine. I was also thinking of trying a 170 spring. Being coil they sit well into the travel so don’t think it would be an issue?

    Pretty similar with the Marz as well I would think?


    I’m just about to fit a pair of 180mm Domains (tapered) with a 1.5 degree slackening headset. I’m experimenting to see if I can turn it into a mini downhill bike. I’ve fitted the Domains with a soft spring so as freeridenick says they should sit well. It might ride like a complete dog but nothing ventured nothing gained 😀


    currently running 160 1.1/8 steerer 36 float with an internal headset..

    looking at getting a 2012 marz 55 170mm RC3evo ti in tapered tube. now the blurb says that the head angle is 66 deg… with a 150-170fork..

    so the tapered tube will requie and external headset and with an extra 10mm travel….am i likely to be riding a chopper? dont really want to go lower than 66 degrees as i like the stable at speed but sharp handling of my current setup.just could do with better suspension…

    then again the supple suspension of the marz will mean i still keep a similar head angle when the fork is in its travel?


    hey mate, i was thinking of fitting a set of 180 domains to my mega… did you get on?


    Running 170mm Domains on mine with an external lower cup and it feels much more balanced and stable/slack. Well worth it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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