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  • freeridenick

    73kg nakeed here.
    Van R on mine with a 450 spring.

    feels lovely. plush but supportive enough for climbs.


    Having read around a bit it seems quite a few people reckon the Mega works well with a coil shock.

    I’ve managed to get hold of a second hand Fox Van RC which I’ve now fitted to the Mega.

    It came with a 550 x 2.35 Fox spring, which seems to be a bit firm for me (I have given it an outing in the alps, but ended up switching back to an air shock).

    I weight 74kg without riding gear, so I imagine nearer to 80kg once wearing my kit.

    I’ve done the online calculator which seems to put me between a 400 & 450 spring.

    Before I start experimenting with different springs does anyone have any experience with a coil shock on the Mega – if so what spring did you go for for your weight?


    there is a comprehensive thread on here about this. seek and ye shall find 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got a 400 x 2.25 spring conveniently lying on the floor beside me, it’s a Cane Creek but I had it fitted to a 2011 Van RC 200×57 so should be perfect for you- if you’re interested.

    Might even have a 450 in the garage, can’t remember.


    Thanks for all the responses.

    I think I’ll go for a 450 spring, so Northwind if you’ve got one, then I’d be interested in buying.


    Hi any more people riding coil shocks on their megas? I’m 78-80kg without gear and using 500lbs ti spring.

    funny – I was using a steel 500lbs one (2nd hand Marzocchi) for a while before I went for Ti and the Ti (NEW) seems much softer – 30%SAG with full 2 spring turns…

    the steel one had to be nearly loose to achieve similar SAG.

    I might be selling the 500 ti spring and will be getting a 550lbs one.

    Let me know what do you ride?

    I’ve seen a lot of good riders sagging around 40%, nearly 50% when sitting on their Megas.


    Inspired by new BOS dealers in Ireland, I bought a BOS VIPr for my Mega,
    bloody amazing… Provides a solid platform for flat and uphill riding,significantly eliminating suspension pedal-bob. But when pushed hard on the downhill it opens somehow and delivers full travel. No bottoming (as Monarch used to do).

    I think I’ll be selling the Elka Stage 5 as the VIPr is nearly as plush as the coil shock…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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