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  • Nukeproof mega 2013?
  • £9999.99 😯

    Nothing wrong with the current Mega, like. If there is a new one, you might be able to get hold of one of the current ones for cheap?

    I know NP have a new DH bike in the works, but not heard mention of a new Mega…

    Is this to replace the Slayer or have I got the wrong shaley?

    Premier Icon shaley

    Does anyone if there are going to be any major updates to the nukeproof mega for 2013?
    I am about to buy one but dont want to spend all that money just to find there is a new model in a few weeks.

    I have stubled across this on the internet: Link

    Is it just the same bike with a CCDB?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    They’ve been slashing prices on the Mega so wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a big revision coming. But who cares? There’s always a new model coming, but the current Mega’s ace and also it’s cheap.


    Must be, look at the scalp replacement straight after the price slashing

    As above really. The Mega has been dropped from £900 to £600 everywhere in the last few weeks, something that wasn’t done between the 2010 > 2012 model releases (which were nothing more than stronger rear ends and new graphics) so something new must be on the horizon…

    Premier Icon shaley

    Yeah, its to replace the slayer.
    So do I wait or just click buy? If it is just there will be a CCDB, I will just buy the current one.

    How long to wait??

    Anyone know when the CRC sale ends?

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Has the CRC sale ever ended? 😀

    But I would imagine end july/ early august, they do seem to be aggressively clearing stuff out, but that could just be they have decided to avoid having several year old stock kicking about all the time.

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