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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Some nice stuff in there but hate the logo!

    What struck me most was the lack of overt branding. The current mega which I have was totally plastered with Nukeproof branding. To be fair, it doubled as heli-tape but it had to go….mostly.


    Not so irritated now.

    I need a large frame and I also wanted a coil shock.

    Going to sell my current frame and buy the new one in a large size, shouldn’t be much more expenive than buying a double barrel by itself.

    Bike radar are saying £3600 for the am with ccdb, 170mm lyrics and 1×10 X0. Bit of a bargain! Guess it’ll be ~34lb in that config?

    Premier Icon brant

    Is that a bargain?


    According to NP on Facebook the TR frame is 1400 euros!

    Well admittedly it’s not a bite-your-hand-off-and-call-me-Susan kinda bargain, but what other aggressive 160mm bikes are there for that? You won’t get an alpine 160 with ccdb for £3600, or a nomad, or a mojo hd. Not to mention nuke proof stuff is normaly fairly heavily discounted so it should be a chunk less than that… Well that’s what I’m hoping any how 🙂


    el guapo wipes the floor with that on price


    …and the YT Wicked 150 smashes the el guapo for value.


    I really love my current mega but not sure about these. They seem to have split it in two, going more All mountain or more trail, where as I love the fact that I find the current one sits in the middle. The seat tube is nice and steep for getting up things and yet it’s nice and slack for getting down.

    I like the stealth option on the new frame and the 142x option. But I’m not desperate to change. Very, very happy with my current mega to be honest.

    Plus you have to go 29 nowadays to be a player. 🙂

    Premier Icon Shandy

    The AM looks very, very nice. As for value, it depends what you’re after. Its a bit daft taking the launch prices of 2013 products and comparing them with current stock on clearance.

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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