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    Joe wrote:

    How much gnar do you have planned for this bike?

    Duh! 😉


    OK, probably not that much.. but definitely the odd local blue trail where a bit of space to move around would be useful! And kinda just because I could!

    Oh, and I really fancied a Raleigh Stuntman which has a dropper.. but sadly not available over this side of the pond.


    Yeah, that’s totally what I have in mind for mine too… ahem.
    Will be interested to hear how that works on this kind of bike, for ÂŁ55 it’s worth a punt.

    Stuntman looks nice apart from the colour, just too much brown!

    frogstomp –
    ÂŁ55 KS ETen from eBay fitted. Totally unnecessary, but.

    Exactly what I did too 😀
    Very handy when you need the extra wiggle room on the more technical stuff.

    Considering this frame, which sizes did you pick for your height? I’m at 180 cm, long legs, long arms but short torso, considering either M or L.


    something of a late reply Blunderbuss but I’m 5’10” and went for the large (55cm) since the reach and ETT matched by current frame closest. I still haven’t built the bike up – that’s been postponed to a Xmas project now.

    I also wondered if the Rag+ was going to be shelved now that the NS guys have the Rondo Ruut but it seems its in the 2018 lineup with a new colour scheme

    looks nice


    Anyone know if the 2017 frame can be run with a front mech?

    anyone got a medium rag+ im interested in knowing the headtube height ?

    thanks guys


    not precise but the Large (56cm ST)  HT length is 16cm so you could probably assume that the medium (53cm ST) would be about 3cm shorter.

    a bit late to answer scruff but although you could fit a front mech there’s no provision for cabling. I guess you could fit some sort of clamp on cable stops though.


    Greetings from Norway!

    Happy to have found a forum with several Rag+ owners!

    I am considering building a No. 2 bike for rougher adventure and winter riding. Looking at the 2018 frameset: http://www.ns-bikes.com/rag,132,pl.html

    Have asked NS Bikes to clarify a number of issues, but no response so far. Hope to find knowledgeable Rag+ owners here!

    Here we go:

    1) Does the 2018 frame take a double crankset, like 50/34 or 52/36, or is it single chainring only? (As to the 2018 model, it is only stated that the biggest chainring is up to 46t. As to the 2017 model, it was stated that the dropped right chainstay allows for 36t/50t or 1x 46t chainrings. I have also read in a review that in the smallest cassette sprocket, the clearance between the chain and bottom of the chainstay is relatively small, which may cause problems if you run a small chainring.)

    2) Are there eyelets for fenders/mudguards by the dropout on the fork? According to the picture at the website, it has not. But I read both in here and on various sites that it has eyelets by the dropouts.

    3) The text says that in 2018 it has cleaner cable routing under down tube, but on the picture the cable routing is on top of the down tube, like in 2017. Is the cable routing actually on top or under the down tube? In other words: Is it the same frame as in 2017 or the new version?

    4) For the 2018 frameset it is stated that specifications are subject to change without notice and that actual colours and design may vary slightly from the images on the website. Does anyone know whether the actual colours are as on the pictures?

    5) It is stated that max recommende tyre width in 650b/27.5″ is 2.2″. Does anyone know whether real clearance in the frame is slightly bigger? Hope to use studded tyres Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro 2.25″ in 27.5″ during the roughest Nordic winter.

    Looking to build rather than to buy a complete bike as I have quite a lot of components available, including wheels and Shimano hydraulic group for 2×11. And I quite fancy the very basic black colour scheme on the frameset.


    I have a 2017 from CRC. (Edit)


    I run a NW 40t chainring, theres no where to mount a front mech nor cable stop for it.

    Yes a have full guards on in wet weather.

    Mines top of downtube.

    Mines black with black tape over the decals.

    Ive run 650b mavic 2.1 xc tyres with full guards.

    I like mine, have no desire to change it.


    Thanks for the quick answer, scruff! Excellent that you have eyelets for guards and clearance for 2.1″ under full guards. I hope the same is the case for the 2018 frameset.

    Sorry to hear that there are nowhere to mount a front mech nor cable stop for it. Does anyone know whether that effectively means that double chainring is out of the question, or is there any easy fix? I guess the front mech can be attached with a clamp, but how about the cable stop? Clamp-on cable stop works?

    Also wondering whether there may be any issues on alignment (in lack of the correct technical term) between chainrings and cassette with a 2×11 set-up.

    Still hoping to hear from anyone with experience specifically with the 2018 frameset.



    I have large 2017 in black – isn’t the grey and orange for 2018? or is that only for the complete bike?

    1) I’m not sure if the dropped chainstay would prevent a double chainset but as scruff says, there is no cable routing as standard. I guess you could fit a front mech but a 1×10 / 11 is a good fit for this frame. If the double chainset fits there should be no chainline issues since the BB width is standard road 68mm AFAIK

    I’ll have a close look at the chainstay and see if I can judge if a double would fit and let you know

    2) the fork has eyelets on the inside of the fork about halfway up so the stays are clear of the caliper

    3) mine has cable side by side routing under the downtube

    4) can’t answer, the on I have is matt black with gloss black decals with some details in beige. Looks nice but shows up greasy marks quite easily. I also don’t know how tough the paint is so its probably worth fitting some matt frame tape in some key areas if you’re going to be slogging through a winter on it.

    5) using 700c x 37 Panaracer Gravel king SK but would like to try some 650b tyres too.

    other notes:

    it did not come with a headset as standard or seatclamp , although it was shown in the product photo.

    The supplied chainstay guard was far too big!

    The stem is, as far as I can tell, the same as a basic Deda stem. Perfectly OK but I swapped for a shorter Easton one that I had.

    I like to have a spare rear mech hanger handy but had to order one from Germany as the UK distributor didn’t have them, worth checking with the Norwegian distributor for those.


    Thanks, joemmo! Highly appreciated.

    As to the colour scheme, it is my understanding that this year the complete bike is grey and orange and the frameset is black.

    Appreciate that you will have a closer look at the chainstay with a double crank/two chainrings in mind.

    It is my understanding that the frameset actually has cable routing under the down tube, like the 2018 complete bike and – if I understand correctly – your bike, although the picture of the 2018 frameset has routing on top of the down tube. As mentioned before, there seems to be no cable stop for the front mech. So that is a worry. Any suggested solutions about what to do with a third wire (front mech) would be welcome.

    I would also love to know how the cable routing is under the crank. Any chance of uploading a picture?

    (As you see from the picture, this year NS Bikes have gone for flatmount on the fork, as well as the frame.)


    Actually ive just thought, I’m  using 2x shimano cranks but with the NW mounted on the inside.


    Scruff – interesting! Sorry, could you elaborate and perhaps post a picture? That would be great. My English is somewhat limited 🙂 NW is the 40t narrow-wide chainring, right? Correct that you run 2×11? How did you solve the tricky issue of the wire for the rear mech?


    @sepeda – Please don’t apologise for your english, you should hear me trying to speak Norwegian 🙂

    I think scruff is saying that they use a double chainset but with a single chainring mounted on the inside position. If that is correct then there is clearance for a 2x but you have to find a way to fit a cable.

    Perhaps you could fit a full length outer cable zip tied to the brake or rear cable and then use something like this fitted at the bottom of the seat tube.


    Regarding the cable routing and the fork : I think there must be 2 versions of the frame – one with cable stops on the top of the downtube and one with them under. The fork also seems to come in 2 or 3 versions. My memory failed me earlier because my fork has the mudguard bolts on the dropout. It also has flatmount brakes.


    joemmo – thank you once again!

    Yes, clearly there are different versions of the frame and fork. In spite of the picture showing otherwise, we have every reason to believe that the 2018 frameset has cable stops under the downtube, not on top.

    A problem solver clamp on cable stop for the front mech may work.

    I wonder how the cable routing is under the crank. I am thinking of this area:

    How many “tracks” for the wires? Could you check or perhaps even post a picture?

    If only two tracks, I wonder if it would it be possible to replace the plate with a three track version. Again, I don’t know the correct terms 🙂


    Ah no, there is not a cable guide or threaded hole  under the bottom bracket. The frame is designed to have outer cables from the levers all the way to the derailleur and brake.


    I suppose you could drill a hole in the bottom bracket shell and tap a thread into it to fit a cable guide.

    As an alternative, perhaps something like the Cotic Escapade would suit you?



    There is also a bend in the seat tube for more tyre clearance, which is where a F mech would go. the Rondo Rutt is virtually the same bike, it has internal routing this year.


    Thanks, Joemmo!

    Scruff – thank you for reminding me about the placement of the clamp. Clamping on a front mech will effectively reduce tyre clearance as it will cover the bend… That’s a pity, as I’m looking for maximum tyre clearance. Maybe I will have to settle with 1×11, which of course suits  the bike, but will make the build more expensive for me.

    Have now located a Rag+ owner in Oslo who will kindly let me examine his bike 🙂

    Have also had a look at the Rondo Ruut AL at my LBS. As you point out, the frame is a slightly altered version of Rag+. Different fork though, with TwinTip – hence adjustable geometry. Same people who run NS Bikes are behind Rondo.

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