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  • patriotpro

    Wow, just wow. Enjoy… 8)

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Just where do you start off with that? 😯


    As in good shit, not bad shit.


    These vids are stunning but how much extra lift can you generate if you suddenly find yourself a tad to close a tree or rock?

    Just jaw-dropping. Wasn’t it Red Bull who used to sponsor the crazy hang-gliding competitions? Pretty similar stuff but this is much faster!


    The (successful) vids do look great, have to remind myself it isn’t cgi in some of them.

    Some interesting statistics in that graphic, if you’re going to try it, maybe avoid cliffs as a starting point.


    Wowsers, amazing.
    My thought exactly, can you ‘pull up’ if you’re getting to close to the ground?


    How many are the ways that could all go horribly, horribly wrong! I can understand the thrill, though not for me; I certainly don’t have the cojones for that!

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Amazing. I would love to do that (would probably crash though!).
    TO think they’re at the fore front of developing a new(ish) sport few will ever do, gliding all those descents for the first time an loving it.
    Lucky buggers!

    Couldn’t help noticing that a lot of these jumps were filmed in Switzerland. Is this the latest way of committing legal suicide?

    This is even madder! Through a hole in a cliff.



    Re flying close and being able pull up at the last minute…it’s as if the buzz of flying isn’t quite enough, oh no they have to take to the next level, by flying no more than a few metres from tree-tops and cliff edges 😯

    Ps if you didn’t the first time, watch it again on a decent sized screen in HD…

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Is it not something crazy like 1 in 10 of those guy die? Saw one video once of one of them smashing into a bridge.

    Danger aside though it is pretty amazing, and tbh I’d love a shot, dunno If I have the balls to go through with it mind, ****, don’t even know if I’d have the bottle to do a parachute jump! 😆


    There is a great documentary available on netflix called BirdMen which tells the history of the wing suit through to the modern pioneers. Incredibly interesting and tinged with sadness in places it’s a great watch.

    As for pulling up, the way I understand it is that you can slow your rate of falling but can’t actually fly ‘upwards’. I think that dramatic changes in vertical position are pretty hard to pull off.


    rene59 great site, and wow

    How many of those guys are there?


    Why do they wear helmets?!

    chance of rolling when they hit the ground, like parachutists?

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    There is a halfway house


    Premier Icon jairaj

    how much extra lift can you generate if you suddenly find yourself a tad to close a tree or rock?

    They do not generate enough lift for you to go upwards, they simply allow you to control your rate of descent. Once you are committed to a line that’s it. It takes a lot of experience to judge it correctly.


    I fell off my bicycle today and landed in a bog. I got a wet bum. I wonder what happens when you have a “moment” doing that?

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)

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