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  • not losing any weight despite exercise (lots of)??
  • I suggest you all read "Dieting makes you fat"by Geoffrey Cannon,in which he explains why dieting causes weight loss,but not fat loss,it's a good read,backed up by research.You don't need a diet,just eat your 5 portions of fruit and veg,and cut down on fats and sugars,coz they're loaded with calories.I'd aim to increase the exercise up to 7 hours a week,and slowly increase the intensity.Dr death et al are right,if you're using more calories than you take in,you'll lose weight,but you need to maintain the exercise level.


    Dr D.

    You describe what happens in realtime, perhaps during a prolonged exercise session, physical event.

    However, I was describing what may happen if the author of this thread was to cut out protein from there daily diet, indefinately. And so was suggesting that they should not cut-out carbs or protein, as a change to there daily diet.

    Agree with TJD, "dieting" isn't the answer, but one must change ones diet, permanently. No six months on low-cal diet greul, then back to the pies. It should be a change, forever.

    So Dr D, please keep your b*ll*#ks to yourself, over a time frame of hours, your description of events isn't bad. But we're discussing a change of intake, for life. And if you cut protein from your diet, totally, the body will get it from what it already has. The breakdown of muscle tissue is a constant, ongoing process, and if you don't use it, you lose it.

    Yes, its simple, more cals in, than are actually used, leads to fat storage, etc.

    Thats it, I've no more to offer, and the weather is too good to spend time arguing here.




    GI diet? It certainly worked for me and made a pile of sense.

    By cutting out ordinary bread and replacing it with a pumpernickel one and generally going low as opposed to medium and certainly not high GI I gradually lost weight yet didn't starve myself.

    I would also suggest that 4 x 1 hour sessions is not enough. You need to go for long bike rides, or at least rides where you put in REAL fat burning efforts – the sort of efforts where you have difficulty speaking for short bursts.

    Hope this helps – can only quote from personal experience


    Maybe after each post say what qualifies you to post on the subject as there is so much crap on the thread I need a new roll of andrex. losing fat isn't a complex task, it's just a personally difficult challenge.

    unfortunately the armchair experts who have read some bollox written by a journalist are just clouding the water.

    say's iDave – lectured to Hons degree level in exercise physiology and coaching science, coached at olympic level, written 2 books in 3 languages on exercise and fitness, presented at conferences in 3 continents and might be qualified to contribute something valuable. and doesn't give a shit about being called an arrogant ****.


    iDave can you give me some hints and tips then on losing some weight !

    After riding less, being generally idle and eating/drinking too much I got to 15st (just under 6ft) and decided to do something about it.

    A new bike has given me the drive to get out more and I'm doing 2-3 2hr rides per week. I've also sorted my diet out. Rather than a bacon butty every morning I have toast and allow myself one butty a week (usually the morning after a ride). I've stopped having sandwiches at lunchtime and have some pasta, fruit, or fish and I'm generally eating smaller quantities and plenty of water. The key point I think though, is my evening meal. I generally don't have one and I'm not missing it. I would normally sit down at 7pm and eat so much I felt like I was going to burst and usually felt uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. If I do get hungry, I'll have some cereal, or fruit, or some other healthy(ish) snack. I think eating when hungry and not at a specific time has a lot of benefits.

    I now have more energy and feel loads better in myself. In fact, on the rare occassion that I have some fast food, it makes me feel awful, stodged and lethargic. I still drink far too much alcohol though

    Oh, and I've lost a stone and a half in just over a month.

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