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    Not sure if this is of use but apparently Molgrips can cut them using his sphincter? Might make them a bit more unique and add sale value? People buy coffee passed through by lemurs after all.


    Try contacting the Davidoff shop in Jermyn Street and seeing what they can do for you. They may buy them off you.

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    On a trip to Cuba at the end of 2011 I attempted to finance my trip by buying two boxes of Cohiba Esplendidos cigars. These cost me £180 over there and I was told I’d be able to sell each box for between £500-800.

    As per my normal organisation skills, I never got round to selling them. They have now been sitting in my room for almost 16 months now. Some people say this will have spoilt them, I am no cigar enthusiast and have no intention of ever smoking them!

    Apparently people will pay £860 for a box! (see link) Madness in my eyes

    Does anyone know where I might be able to sell these? Other forums or online?

    I would happily sell these for a fraction of the above price. Can include a Panaracer Magic front 2.1 if this helps…


    ps. feel free to move or delete this if it’s too off topic!

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    16 months in a dry hot room wont have done them any good but sometimes cigars can be brought back to good order by using a Humidifier or Humidor.

    The best humidity for cigars is somewhere between 65 and 85%. You may find that some of the better cigar shops will do a revive service for you..

    And I’d also like to say I’m very jealous!


    Thanks guys for the ‘interesting’ mix of responses.

    Ebay unfortunately prohibits the sale of tobacco.

    I may well take them down to Davidoff when I get a chance and see if they are ‘bring-back-to-lifeable’.

    Thanks for the advice kerbdog, I’ll see what I can do…



    There will be nothing wrong with them that 6 months in a humidor wont fix. Even if the wrapper on some of the cigars has started coming away cigar glue will fix them.
    How much is a fraction of the price? What you paid plus postage? If so I’ll have them.


    I have a couple of humidors of cigars and buy them from Spain as they are way cheaper than here.
    A couple of points:
    IMHO 16 months has probably ruined them and I certainly wouldn’t take a chance on them if you told me they were not kept properly for that long. I had a box of bolivars that somebody gave me and I never got them back into condition despite spending a year in the humidor, they were too far gone.
    I would want to see a receipt from a government run shop for your cigars, if you bought them on the street they are probably not cohiba as everyone’s cousin can get hold of the bands and boxes.
    A good guide on prices is the Spanish list here
    As somebody is always going to Spain so there’s no need to pay u.k. prices for cigars and most people who know their stuff buy by the box from there and only use u.k. Shops to try single cigars.

    An aficionado is not going to pay more than those prices and certainly a lot less with no provenance.
    Looks like you have a buyer though 🙂


    Thanks for the advice ‘MrSmith’, you sound like you know your stuff.

    I never intended on smoking them as not much of a fan, but was advised to buy them as an investment.

    ‘scotsman’ my email address is in my profile. Get in touch if you are interested in buying them.

    I can send you some photos if that will help.


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