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  • AdamW

    They’re sexy.

    That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.


    Dame Edna


    contacts 😉

    Good luck in Afghanistan.

    What’s the big deal about turning 30?

    jeez man, what are worried about?? I’m 50 – that’s 50 on the next one, worn specs since I was 12, and can’t see life without them. So to speak.
    And I gwt hangovers
    And I can’t claim my hair’s that colour “because of the way the light’s hitting it”. Now I just settle for “distinguished”
    And now I’m starting to get nervous when the motorbike speedo creeps up to 150

    Good luck in Afghanistan though

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I am 30, and I wear glasses. You get used to both difficulties in a little while.

    Not much I can say about the Afghan bit…

    And I gwt hangovers

    ..and I can’t type either

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    Daily disposable contacts are the answer.

    And get some nice sunglasses to keep the dust out.


    I like my glasses but then I am a bit vain.

    I’m 40 so you can shut it about your age, as for Afgan, presumably you signed up for it?


    First Tour? What colour hat do you wear?


    Perhaps he means Afan, are they the correct optical prescription?


    What a year this is so far,

    Going to Afgan,

    Going to be 30 towards the latter part of the year,

    And now,

    My eye test tells me I need glasses, sat here trying to type with these things on my face.

    How does everyone else put up wearing them ?


    1st Herrick tour,

    2 previous Telic tour’s,

    Just get to miss some of the best races this year. 🙁


    i will be out there in November mate so i feel for ya!!!

    oh and i found out whilst i was in Basra that i needed glasses as i couldn’t read the menu board in the mess tent !!


    Dam I thought he said Afan.

    30 is nothing.

    Women like intelligent men (right after rich men)

    You need glasses for reading or driving?

    I wear my oakley prescriptions when riding otherwise I strain my eyes.

    Other than that I never wear them.

    Cheer up life is too short too miserable, don’t worry be happy. 😆

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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